new thanksgiving decor….


Thanks to Craftily Ever After I got these cute prints to put up for Thanksgiving.... I sent them to Wal Mart's website and they were done very quickly at my local Wal Mart. I bought some Dollar Tree black frames, and now I have some cute Thanksgiving decor in a little built in shelf next to my dining room table! Love all the crafty ideas I get … [Read more...]

trying to be a little crafty….


When my hubby and I remodeled out bathroom this summer, we were at a loss as to what we should hang on the wall above the towel bar. We couldn't find any art that matched our gray/brown/black/blue decor, so we made our own...  This isn't the best pic of it, but it was very simple. We just found some scrapbook paper that matched the … [Read more...]

…late night…

I'm a self-proclaimed night owl, so I figured now would be the best time to post while the hubby is off comfortably snoozing in our bed.... So, it's my second day of clomid with no strange side effects...YAY! I was a little worried, never having taken any medication like this. I am so hopeful for this cycle. I know a lot of women don't conceive … [Read more...]

…quick post…NOT so quick!

We're getting ready to head out to the movie again, so I thought I'd make a quick post while hubby is playing video games to pass the time. (Turns out it might not be so quick!) Got a little more knitting in today, working on a scarf for my mother in law's Christmas present. Love the new stitch I learned, and it's so neat to see something I'm … [Read more...]

…knitting the time away…


Only 3 posts in and I'm already behind on keeping up my blog. Though no one might never read it- it turns out to be great therapy. So, I've been busy this weekend....knitting. I taught myself how to do the basic knit stitch last year from a book. This year, my mom's best friend, and neighbor of mine- took up knitting as well. She shared a pattern … [Read more...]

…A great double date

Tonight the hubby and I went on a double date with his sister and her fiancee. We had a really great time. We started out the night with Outback Steakhouse for dinner- their bloomin' onions are AWESOME! Then we went to see the movie, Red. It's an action-comedy, and it really had us all cracking up. I'm more of a romantic-comedy girl myself, but the … [Read more...]

…I Love Fall


There's just something about that smell in the air, the cool breezes, and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Fall is by far my favorite season. It also seems so much shorter than the other 3 because of this. It's the time of year when I can't wait until Starbucks brings back the pumpkin spice latte. Or our local ice cream shop, Jiffy Treet, brings … [Read more...]

…my first time

As this is my first blog, I'm not sure exactly what to say....I'm 23 years old and married to the man of my dreams. We are working hard to start a family. I'm a stay at home wife, and a mother to our 3 year old cat, Spot. I'm livin' the dream!!! … [Read more...]