What the new year brings!

So excited about this upcoming new year. First off, we have been slowly remodeling our house. We did the bathroom this summer, and now we are slowly ripping up all our carpet, and we’re going to refinish some pretty beautiful hardwood floors. Then, on to the ugliest room in our house- the laundry room! When we bought this house (4 years ago), it was the first room I intended to decorate, but as things seem to have a way of doing, it fell by the wayside. It has wallpaper with really ugly tiny flowers on it, some really cheap looking paneling, and behind the washer there is a curtain covering a section of wall where they must have run out of paper. It is a rather large room, and I’m really excited about seeing some changes in there. Hubby also decided with my newly found crafting addiction, that I should turn the closet into a “crafting closet”, since we don’t have enough rooms for a whole room dedicated to it. I need an area for all of the awesome new things I got for Christmas (a ton of crafting stuff, a new sewing machine, and digital camera!) I have already begun looking at all kinds of decorations! Including an adorable little chandelier to go over the desk (which I couldn’t find a a pic of online to post). SO excited! Will definitely post pics when this remodel takes place (hopefully sooner than later).
And on to the other part of my life- trying to conceive. I had a failed round of clomid in November, and then had some issues, resulting in yet another ultrasound to check for cysts. Everything seemed to be looking alright, so it’s on to another round of provera and clomid in January. I am so hopeful for this time. I keep telling myself that 2011 just has to be “our year”. We want a baby SO bad. So I am hoping and praying that this round works. The Dr. will only allow me one more round of clomid before running a whole other round of tests. So we keep on praying…
I also really would like to lose some weight, as PCOS makes it really hard to do so. I am promising myself that I will exercise and eat healthier in this new year. So I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and gets a good start on those resolutions! 🙂

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