Catching up!

Whew! Haven’t been able to blog in forever! Been a busy bee around here. We’ve had so many projects going on, so I’ll have some posts ready in the next few days. We are gonna have a really busy weekend too, Hubby’s sis is getting married, and we’re both in the wedding. STRESS! That’s okay, I have some pics to show you of what we’ve been doing with our living room remodel. First, we finished our trim. Instead of buying actual trim, which would have cost about $1.50 a foot, we just bought finish quality 1×4’s at $.20 a foot. We saved about $117!!! I was excited to hear about the savings, and I really liked how the finished product turned out. We painted them ourselves, then Hubby and his dad did the hard work.
Here’s a picture of the walls without trim:
See the big gap, and the ugly looking old green paint underneath?!

We screwed the 1×4’s to the wall…

Hubby spackled the holes and touched them up with some more paint…
And I love the way they look- and what a savings!!! ( Also notice the electrical receptacles hubby changed out- they look WAY better!)
Then, we also got rid of the hideous light in our dining room (finally!).
I don’t have any before pics of the ceiling fan except this one from when we were painting…
A ceiling fan? In the dining room?!

Good riddance!!!
This was the globe on the fan- I mean, really?!

And this was the nasty mess underneath. We had to remedy that big mess, so I suggested we get a simple ceiling medallion. Genius! Sorry I don’t have a pic of it before.

Hello lovely chandelier!!!

It pays to have a handy hubby! Look ladies, he cleans too!!!

Here’s the pretty medallion up there covering up that yucky hole left behind by the ceiling fan of doom! lol

I promise I was helping too, I just had to keep stopping him to take pictures! 
And there it is! Sorry I don’t have any more, but we were doing this late at night, and I wanted to get some better pics of it when it’s daylight. Promise I’ll post them soon!
So, how do you like my progress? I’m loving how it’s turning out! We got a new rug yesterday, and are in the process of finding a new tv. I will have a post with the other things I’ve been working on soon! Happy blogging!
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  1. Meg

    February 11, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    It looks great! What a great idea for trim. Amazing what a little strip of wood will do to a room! The light is wonderful–who puts a duck on their lights?? 🙂


    February 16, 2011 at 1:11 am

    The bright white trim makes a huge difference!
    great new light too!

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