What the New Year Brings

I had every intention of blogging a lot more in December. But, time slips through your hands when your husband is on vacation and your children are small. I haven’t even signed into blogger for weeks. I’ve spent much more time making memories.

I can’t believe that it is already 2014. Where does the time go? Has it really been almost 2 years since I held a tiny baby in my arms? How has he grown into this independent, walking, talking, amazing boy? This year holds a lot of promise for us…

As most of you remember, Baby B was born in 2012, and he was a very sick baby boy. After an emergency c-section, and crazy couple of days, he became ill. He spent the first couple of weeks in the NICU, where no one could determine what was wrong with him. He had several seizures, had to be intubated, had a minor procedure done, and was pricked and poked more than any newborn should have to be. They ran every test known to man, with no explanation for his illness. Then, suddenly, he was fine, our prayers were answered. They never found a reason for his sickness, and we were sent home with a healthy, albeit colicky, baby boy.

Two weeks later we were told more bad news. He was diagnosed with metopic craniosynostosis, and scheduled for surgery at 4 months. After a very major surgery, and a week hospital stay, we were again sent home. This time with a very swollen, very different looking child. I mourned for the little pointy headed baby that I sent to the hospital. As a mother, it is very hard to see your child change so drastically. But with each passing day, he looked better and better.

Our 2012 was spent at countless doctor’s appointments; neurologist, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, geneticist, pediatric ophthalmologist, and pediatricians. Every day ran together, and they made for some long days. Then, 2013 came.

This past year has been drastically different, with a much healthier, happier little man. He learned to walk, to play, he grew a sense of humor, and an ability to make me laugh like no other. We’re still working on the talking. I am amazed every day at how God has worked in his life and ours, we have become better people because of this tiny human.

Here’s to 2014, with so very many less doctor’s appointments, and more time to spend just being with our little guy. I know the terrible 2’s are coming on full force, but I know with what we have been through, we can make it through anything: The three of us, the hubby, Baby B, and me.

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