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This Momma has been on a rampage lately searching for healthy meals to get my EXTREMELY picky toddler to eat. Specifically to get him to eat HEALTHY foods. Right now we are at a point where some days, all he will eat is peanut butter and jelly.That’s not jiving with this Momma. I have scoured Pinterest for healthy Toddler Meals, and have been a Mad Woman this week testing out recipes. I’m down 4 recipes, and I’d like to share my changes/thoughts/how well little stinker boy liked them with you…

First down, breakfast. A friend of mine posted a recipe for Flourless Banana Pancakes this week:

-2 eggs, 1 banana

Pretty self explanatory, right? The link I found for this only lead to a picture, but it seemed simple enough. So, this very morning I mashed up a banana, mixed in 2 eggs, and for Baby B’s sake, threw in a healthy handful of peanut butter. They were DELICIOUS! They didn’t taste exactly like a traditional pancake, but they were still very good. I couldn’t believe they cooked up like a pancake. I was quite amazed, actually. One tip I have, they cook quickly, and don’t “bubble” as much as regular pancakes. So whilst chasing a toddler, be careful not to burn them. Learn from my mistake. And the best part- Baby B actually likes them! He’s not much of a breakfast man, but he actually ate quite a few bites. I did put a little syrup on his, and I even ate a couple myself. This recipe is definitely a toddler win! And they really couldn’t be simpler. I wonder if I grated some carrots in there, if he’d still eat them? Any other ingredient suggestions any of you may have would be appreciated!

Now, on to some snacks. I found a recipe for Sneaky Veggie Cookies. I was a little skeptical, because I had made a muffin version of this recipe, and Baby B wouldn’t touch them. In the end, he ended up eating these for a couple of days, and then didn’t really want them anymore. He’s a texture man, and the texture of them was a little off for him. He didn’t gag- which is actually a good sign. I would probably make them again, but they’re not at the top of my list. But, by all means, if you’re toddler will eat them, it’s a great way to sneak in some veggies! (Sorry I forgot to take pics, but check out the original blog post for step-by-steps).

Baby B is a crunchy food fanatic, so I had a feeling this next recipe would be a win. Carrot Snack Sticks. They also are light in flavor, which with my guy, is a good thing. He does not do well with strong flavors. I changed this recipe, slightly. Instead of parmesan, I used a parmesan-romano mix because it’s what I had on hand. It took about 2 good-sized carrots, grated, to make the 1/2 cup. Otherwise I followed the recipe. Mixing it together was sort of fun. It was a non-sticky dough, which made it kind of like carrot play-doh. Next time I think I’ll let little man get his little hands in there. In the end, he actually really liked these. They were crunchy and light. I stored the extras in a plastic baggie, which made them not as crunchy, so we’ll see. I also like that the original post gives instructions for freezing these, which I will probably do with half the batch next time. Definitely worth making again!


For my gluten-free Mommas out there, I would love some feedback on how these turn out using a different type of flour, and maybe coconut oil instead of vegetable…

Lastly, a no-cook recipe: great for a busy Momma. Frozen applesauce bites. I’ve seen people do this with yogurt before. I used an organic blueberry applesauce. The problem with the applesauce by itself was, it’s runny, which made it hard for Baby B to spoon it to himself. So I poured some in a gallon size baggie, in the corner. Cut off the tip, and squeezed little blobs of it onto parchment paper. Froze it, and then stuck them in a baggie in the freezer.

At first, I had a little trouble getting the right amount to come out, but over time I got in a rhythm and it was really easy. Best part, no cooking! I just keep them in a baggie in my freezer and get a few out for the little guy when he wants some. I could also tell he liked the coldness of them on his newly emerging molars. If you have an older toddler, you could probably “trick” them into thinking they’re popsicles, which they sort of are!

3 out of 4 isn’t bad for a toddler that may be the pickiest eater on the planet (just kidding…a little).
I’m going to keep trying new recipes, and giving my thoughts. I would love some recommendations from other Momma’s out there in the same boat as me.

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