Baby Halloween Costumes

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This month’s Mommy Monday’s are going to be filled with fun Halloween costumes. We love Halloween! So, I decided to share some of my favorite popular costumes for babies this week.

This gnome outfit is ridiculously cute. Perfect for a little guy, especially one who might be riding around in a stroller.

I LOVE owls and this costume is perfect for both boys and girls. It also looks nice and warm, as Halloween’s here have been freezing the last few years.

Beards are all the rage, right? I think this little viking costume is so adorable!

For littles who are really good at sitting around and looking cute!

I’m partial to Frankie Baby, because my little guy was Frankenstein for his 2nd Halloween.

And for your itsie, bitsie, teenie, weenie little one. I see a big brother or sister dressed as a bunny and you’re set!


What’s your favorite Baby Halloween costume?

Stay tuned next week for my favorite Toddler costumes, and the following week for Family Costumes. Like I said- we really like Halloween around here!




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