That Time of Year

The first time we saw our baby after surgery.

It’s here- our bi-annual appointment with little man’s neurosurgeon. It’s usually a quick appointment, they check his head and note any changes. The last couple of years were really easy, but now we’re getting to the time in which they said he may need another surgery. I’m terrified thinking of him having to undergo this procedure, especially being at an age where he understands what’s going on. On top of everything else, we recently found out that his Neurosurgeon is no longer practicing, so we are meeting with an interim doctor this week. A doctor who won’t even be performing the surgery should they decide he needs it.

My nails are bitten to the quick, and I haven’t slept great all week. I know all you Momma’s of sick kiddos understand. The waiting. It can sometimes be worse than anything else.

After this appointment, the following week we’ll be meeting with the Plastic Surgeon (who I love- and if he quits practicing, someone will have to come pick me up off of the floor.) He’s the one who will make the final decision on whether or not they will operate. So, no sleep for this Momma for the next couple of weeks!

We’re trying our best to prepare the little guy as best as we can. He understands that when he was born his “head was broken” and the doctor’s fixed it. He knows they will check his head and that he gets to visit his Grandparents after. I have no idea how to explain the idea of surgery to a 4 year old, and will welcome any advice should the time come.

Keep us all in your prayers, the ideal outcome would be that he doesn’t need any further surgeries and life can go on as normal. A happy medium would be that they tell us to check back next year.

I’ve been praying for the ideal outcome, but I know that sometimes things don’t work out like we plan, and can only hope that His plan is greater than anything we could hope for ourselves.

I’ll update next week.

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