Bloggers Getting Fit: Making Fitness Fun


This week my #fabFITbloggers group is sharing the ways that we make fitness fun. My favorite way to encourage myself to get a workout in, is rewarding myself with "me time." I tell myself if I run for 20 minutes, I can sneak in a nap later, or an hour with a good book, a soak in the tub, etc. Self care begets self care. In the end I've worked … [Read more...]

Mikey is 30


Here's a secret about the Bishop's. We're nerds. We like to play video-games and do geeky things. We're HUGE Nintendo fans. Especially my Hubby. This month he turned 30 and I wanted to do something special for him. However, if you know Mr. Bishop, he's pretty humble and hates for people to make a big deal about him, and he's not a huge fan of … [Read more...]

Cranioversary #4


Four years ago today I handed my baby over to a team of surgeons. I shared the full story last year, but I don't let this day go by without celebrating it. Without shouting to the world what an amazing fighter my once tiny boy is. What amazing obstacles he has overcome, and is still overcoming. We met with both his Neurosurgeon and his Plastic … [Read more...]

Bloggers Getting Fit


Y'all know I've been struggling to get fit. But, it's SO hard to do on your own. That's why I am joining with some of my favorite blogger friends for the next several weeks. We're going to be part of a fitness community. Sharing our favorite work out tips, healthy recipes, workout gear, and anything else to help motivate us on this fitness journey. … [Read more...]

Come With Me


  This month's Book Review is another great Bible Study that I came across and can't wait to share with you. Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads by Suzanne Eller is a look at the lives of Jesus's disciples and how we can apply what they learned to our modern day problems. Suzanne asks us to take a journey … [Read more...]

PurpL Goat

PurpL Goat

This week I want to share with you an amazing skincare company with great, gentle ingredients and a name that will make you giggle. PurpL Goat makes all natural, artisan products that are made with simple, effective ingredients that work great and are still gentle even on the most sensitive of skin. Started by a lady after my own heart who had a … [Read more...]

Card Games at Grandma’s


I took a trip with my toddler to the library this week. As we played and read books, I took a look around. The children's floor was sprinkled with adolescents from the ages of 7-17. And none of them were reading. They were all hunched over their cell phones. Thumbs racing, scrolling, headphones plugging their ears. I wanted to jump up and … [Read more...]

That Time of Year


It's here- our bi-annual appointment with little man's neurosurgeon. It's usually a quick appointment, they check his head and note any changes. The last couple of years were really easy, but now we're getting to the time in which they said he may need another surgery. I'm terrified thinking of him having to undergo this procedure, especially being … [Read more...]

Friendship in Motherhood

Friendship in Motherhood

As we transition into motherhood, our friendships change form and become something different entirely. Before this life where we were ruled by tiny dictators- we had ladies nights, long phone conversations, spa days- we pulled all nighters, and slept all day. We took weekend getaways, late lunches, and shopped until we dropped. Spent ridiculous … [Read more...]

Ko & Humble


Have you heard of beauty oils? They've been popping up a lot lately in the beauty world. And I've been steering pretty clear of them. With my super sensitive- breakout prone skin, I was reluctant to slather oil on my skin. But, boy was I wrong! Ko & Humble sent me over 3 of their beautifying oils and my life is forever changed! Their oils … [Read more...]