Chase the Lion


I have lots of ideas. Big dreams and things I want to do...someday. Isn't that how it always goes? Our aspirations are legion, but when it comes down to taking the first step, we fall short? If you need a push, a little motivation to set your feet on the starting line- pick up Mark Batterson's new book Chase the Lion. The subtitle of this book … [Read more...]

Dear Mom at the Park


Dear Mom at the park, Yeah, you- on your cell phone, or your nose in a book. I used to judge you. I used to sneer at you and applaud myself for being more present with my child. I couldn't comprehend the fact that you weren't down in the sand digging with your toddler or helping them up the stairs to the slide. Pushing them on the swings for … [Read more...]

Keeping Fresh this Fall with Kiss My Face & GIVEAWAY


I know I did a Summer Deodorant post recently, sharing a few different brands that have been working okay for me. But, Kiss My Face just sent over their new Quick Dry Spray Deodorants and I just HAD to share them with you! These Deodorants are exactly what I have been looking for! They're aluminum and paraben free and they go on clear and dry in … [Read more...]

Fall Eyes with Moody Sisters


I like to keep my shadow game simple, especially in the Fall when I'm rocking a bolder lip. Moody Sisters has taken the guess work out of choosing my shadows with their Falling in Love (Brown Eyes) Eye Trio! Made up of three colors: Angel- a pale matte champagne, Cherish-a medium brown matte, and Material Girl- a black cherry matte; you have … [Read more...]

Fall Lips with Red Apple Lipstick


Fall is upon us! Pretty much my favorite time of year! The changing leaves, the smells, the pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. The boots, scarves, and sweaters!  What could be better? This week I am going to be sharing with you some of my absolute favorite Beauty Products for Fall, and I'm starting with lips...In my book, Fall means rocking a bold lip! … [Read more...]

Home Selling Tips with Fresh Wave


Our house has been on the market for a couple of weeks now- and keeping our home in shape to show at a moment's notice is not always easy with a little four-nado following me around. I've partnered with Fresh Wave to share with you some tips for keeping my house looking (and smelling!) fresh and clean. Have a place for EVERYTHING. I've boxed up … [Read more...]

How Getting Sick Turned Me Into Less of a Control Freak Mom

How Getting Sick Turned Me Into Less of a Control Freak Mom

This summer did not go at all as I expected. I had high hopes for creative playdates, park trips, and weekly pool visits. But my body had other plans. I spent the majority of our summer curled up in bed. Sick and tired. Unable to motivate myself to venture out for days at a time. At the time I didn't know my gallbladder was giving up on … [Read more...]

When the One Who is Hard to Love is In Your Own Family

When It's Hard to Love Someone in Your Own FamilyAdd subheading

My brother is in prison. Just releasing those words out into the universe makes me cringe. I've went to hit the backspace button several times. Erasing my thoughts before I even begin. Peeking over my shoulder to make sure no one has seen what I've written. It's just not something we share in polite company. We barely bring it up amongst … [Read more...]

If You Grew Up in Southern Indiana

Indiana Summer

Summer is almost over and sitting at home recovering from surgery has me waxing nostalgic over all of the summer-time activities I did in my youth. When it hit me- I bet summer is a lot different if you grew up somewhere other than Southern Indiana. So here's my list of things that us Hoosiers do: Quarry jumping- Jumping from jagged … [Read more...]

Home for Sale

Another little life update on what's happening in our neck of the woods... We decided to take a chance and put our house on the market. With Hubby's promotion, he's working more and he is already based about 45 minutes away from us. He's spending a lot more time 2 hours north of us as well, so we thought moving a little closer would be in our … [Read more...]