Biesecker Body Care


Over the past several weeks I have been trying out a TON of products from Biesecker Body Care. I am falling in love with this entire brand- they use certified organic and natural ingredients in all of their products, use only naturally derived fragrances, and their manufacturing practices do not adversely affect soil, water, woodlands, or wildlife. … [Read more...]

Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt

I've been feeling pretty good lately about my Mom Skills. Despite me recovering from surgery and being pretty laid up, my little guy has still been behaving pretty well, helping me a lot around the house, and still enjoying his 'school time.' Before getting sick, I had been taking him on lots of outings and park trips, and we'd been having a lot of … [Read more...]

My Nighttime Skincare Routine & Giveaway: Holiskin


I like to keep my nighttime skincare routine both simple, but effective. I choose hydrating products that will keep me moisturized until morning, and make sure to include a treatment or extra step that I only use at night. Right now I am loving the Sensitive Line from Holiskin. I was able to talk to the owner, Josh Alexander, and he picked out … [Read more...]

Popsicle Printable

Chill Out!

  Another fun Summer Printable, featuring one of my fave summertime treats: Popsicles! Perfect to hang up with your Summer decor or for an Ice Cream Social tablescape. And as always- it's free because I love ya!   … [Read more...]

Feeding Picky Eaters


I have a Picky Eater. I started out with a great eater, who turned into an okay eater, and now he's a chicken nugget, mac and cheese, peanut-butter jelly sandwich exclusive eater. This has made me gain several new gray hairs and wrinkles, stressing every day over whether or not he's getting the vitamins and nutrients he needs. This Momma has tried … [Read more...]

Facing My Mortality

Facing My Own Mortality

There I was. Curled up in the floor of my closet, head in my hands- sobbing. Begging and pleading with God. Pouring my heart and fears out to him. Scared to death. Crying out loud. Begging for peace. Asking for forgiveness. This past week I was brought face to face with my own mortality. Being in my late twenties, most of the time I still … [Read more...]

Lip Balm Love

Lip Balm Love

I am a self-proclaimed lip balm addict. I always have at least 2 in my purse, a bunch in my makeup drawer, and probably one in my car. I tend to get dry lips, even in the summer, so I am constantly reapplying. I even slather on a thick coat before bed time. I can't help it! And it's a good habit that I won't be breaking any time soon. Today I am … [Read more...]

Summer Lipstick Crushes

Summer (1)

I am starting to become a lipstick addict! With so many great brands and amazing formulas to choose from, it's SO hard to pick just one! Today I'm going to share with you some lipsticks that I am d.y.i.n.g. to try- please let me know your favorites so I can decide which ones to purchase. 'Fundamental' by Axiology is the perfect ruby-pink for … [Read more...]

G and G Organics


Let's face it, as Moms we rarely have time to actually wash our hair. Sure, we can hop in the shower, but washing, drying, and styling our hair has become a luxury. Especially this summer, when we're constantly running from the pool to the park to the splash pad and so on. Who has the time? I'm even more in this boat, recovering from surgery has me … [Read more...]

Beloved Mess


Have you ever read a book that you felt you could have written yourself? That asks and answers the exact questions you have about life and God and religion? That touches you deep down in your soul and brings you comfort like none other before? Beloved Mess: God's Perfect Love for Your Imperfect Life by Kimm Crandall is that book for me. Kimm … [Read more...]