Haven’t been able to blog in what seems like forever! Hubby and I came down with the flu over the weekend. We were definitely down for the count! Got to feeling better on Tuesday, and I’ve just been running around getting stuff ready for Thanksgiving. However, I got to fit a little craftiness in! First, I wanted to make a cake stand to put some Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes on when we host Thanksgiving for Hubby’s family this Saturday. So I headed out to the Dollar Tree and bought a plate with a little detail around the edges, and the matching bowl. A little E6000 glue, and a few minutes later…..
Voila. A homemade cake stand to display my yummy cupcakes….and all for around $2. Hubby loves a bargain- his favorite saying is, “Honey, you save me money by shopping, everyday.” Gotta love him!
I also started a Christmas ornament wreath with ornaments from the Dollar Tree as well. I got the idea from a couple of blogs that I follow. I’ll post the pics of it, when I finish it. I didn’t buy enough ornaments, so that warrants another trip to town! 
Finished up knitting my Mam’s last dishrag as well. My mom came down to visit Saturday and we went shopping, and she picked out the yarn she wants for hers. She “needs” one in her stocking…hee hee. Also, almost finished with my mom-in-laws “Colt’s Blue” scarf. Pics to come.
Other than that just been preparing for Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, and wish everyone a Happy Holiday, early weekend!

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