Valentine’s Day! – Mrs. Bishop

I had a GREAT V-day, how about all of you?! I would’ve posted yesterday, but I was spending the day with those adorable twins from my last post. Here’s how my day went….
I was gonna wake up and fix my hubby a V-day breakfast, but when I woke up he was gone! (He’s off on Mondays). I was sad, thinking he might’ve had to go to a meeting or something. Then, I realized he was probably getting me a V-day present- he’s a last minute kinda shopper! So, I went ahead and made coffee and prepped everything to make breakfast, then went back to bed- why not, right? He woke me up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift. He had wanted to get me something that I had mentioned that I had seen at Hallmark, but they were closed. 🙁 He got me a really pretty card and my flowers are still looking beautiful.

I made french toast and sausage for breakfast, then we both got ready and spent the day in town. We just went to some stores around here, looking at stuff we might like to put into our new living room.
We came home and made dinner. We hate how crowded restaurants are on Vday, so last week when we were in Greenwood we went to Johnny Carino’s and had their 4 course Valentine’s dinner- yummy! I made italian food for dinner as well, I always think of it as “romantic food”. He did all the dishes and I made some really yummy turkey meatballs and fettuccine alfredo. We had also picked up some super delish foccacia bread while we were at town. It turned out REALLY good. Hubby couldn’t get enough.

Then we watched Valentine’s Day on demand- fitting, right?
That was my V-day! How was everyone else’s? I have been cleaning all day, but I have a couple of projects I’m working on, so hope to post about those soon!
Happy Blogging!

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