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Easter Baskets haven’t been a huge priority in our home. Steven’s first 2 years we didn’t get him one, because he never would’ve noticed. And last year we bought him a pre-made one, which turned out to be really expensive and was filled with mostly candy. So, this year I set out to make a really inexpensive basket full of things that he would really like.

Off to the $ Tree, which is one of my favorite stores ever. I get craft supplies there, paper goods, party decor, and lots of fun toddler activities. And, I also love that every thing is only a dollar. They had a lot of really cute Easter stuff this year, so making an inexpensive basket was REALLY easy.

Here are the items that I included:

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  • Some egg shaped sidewalk chalk- my little guy LOVES sidewalk chalk. It’s fun and inspires creativity, win-win.
  • Egg shaped silly-putty. He loves play-doh, so I figured he’d also enjoy the putty.
  • Egg shaped bubble blower. What toddler doesn’t love bubbles?
  • Some Planes gummies
  • And I *could NOT* pass up those adorable bunny glasses, photo-op anyone?

I wasn’t even going to include candy, since he will get plenty from other Easter activities, but he is Planes obsessed, so I thought I’d better get it. And I even got that basket, which I thought was really cute. They had a huge selection of baskets this year too, plastic or woven.

Some other Easter basket ideas:

  • An Easter book
  • Coloring Books
  • Small cars/animals/etc
  • A small game
  • New shirt
  • Crayons/Paints
  • A new movie

The possibilities are endless, and do not have to expensive at all. They will enjoy the Easter activities much more than the basket anyway, especially at this age.

What are your favorite things to include in your child’s Easter basket?

*This was NOT a sponsored post- I just really love the $ Tree*




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