Productive Mommy Challenge



On this week’s Mommy Monday I am going to issue myself (and anyone who wants to join along) another challenge.

I feel like I have had an unproductive summer. I’ve gotten a lot done, but majorly slacked off in other areas. Particularly my toddler’s pre-school activities, house cleaning, etc. But with fall approaching, I’m feeling some major motivation to get stuff done. Fall has that effect on me, there’s something about the cooler weather and pumpkin scented everything that seems to give me a little kick in the tushie!

So here’s my challenge- to be more productive! That’s it. So here’s the areas where I really want to improve:

  • Get up earlier- This one is SO hard for me, because I REALLY really really really like my sleep. But, starting this week, I’m going to set my alarm for 6:30, have some coffee and make my family breakfast. This will give me some much needed time to myself in the morning, and keep me on track to eat healthier by starting my day off with a nice breakfast. I have a feeling my hubby and toddler will also approve.
  • Have some dedicated “learning time” with my little guy. Before summer started we were doing really good about having themed weeks with books and activities and I really let that go over the summer. I already got him some books from the library, and we’re going to start up again this week. We’re doing autumn themed books over the next month, and are going to do all kinds of fall crafts and activities.
  • Keep De-Cluttering- I’ve been doing the #SDDClutterFree Challenge with So Damn Domestic and I’ve been even slacking off with that. But, I want to keep the momentum going. Here’s to being clutter free and getting everything organized….just in time for Christmas to roll around and get more junk. But, at least there will be room for it!
  • Schedule in dedicated “workout” time several times a week- If you did the #GettingFitWithMrsBishop Challenge stick with it. I even broke out the elliptical last week and plan to stick with it. Hoping to get a good workout in at least 3 days a week.
  • Meal Plan- I just wrote out and shopped for a meal plan for the next 2 weeks. I used to be really good about this, but again, summer got in the way. Hoping to keep it up and stay on track. This keeps me eating healthier, and helps me save money because I know everything I need to buy ahead of time.
  • Morning writing/blogging time- I want to have a set amount of time every day dedicated to getting my blog stuff together…then I want to stay off the computer until the next day. Instead of spreading it out all day and wasting too much time on the internet.

Now, who’s with me? What are your tips for staying productive and kicking yourself in the butt to get stuff done?

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