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*I received this product in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own.*

Today I want to share with you another sensitive skin friendly company that I recently got to try. Earth Science Naturals  products are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • pH Balanced

They make gentle products suitable for a wide range of skin sensitivities. And, when their products are labeled Fragrance Free, they are. No masking fragrances are used, so it is truly free of fragrance.

I had the opportunity to try out their Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion. It’s a great moisturizer, and better than that, it helps repair your skin and actually alleviates the cause of dryness.


It’s super light and not greasy, so it’s a great “on the go” moisturizer. Sometimes I like a thick lotion, but when I’m busy and have things to do, I don’t have time to let a greasy lotion soak in. I love that I can put this on and get right on with whatever I need to do. It’s very light and super smooth. It soothes my sensitive and very dry skin right away.

It didn’t irritate my super sensitive skin at all, and has become my go-to, hop out of the shower, lotion up, get dressed and head out the door must-have.

Earth Science Naturals  has a wide range of products for Hair, Body, Face, and Men specific products. They also have Fragrance Free products in each category, which is amazing for those of us with super sensitive skin.


Fragrance Free Clarifying Face Wash


Fragrance Free Conditioner


Unscented Natural Deodorant


I’ll definitely be trying some of these other products, and as far as the lotion goes, would definitely recommend it to my sensitive skinned friends!

Come back for more sensitive skin product reviews!

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