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*I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own.*

In my 28 years of life, I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of beauty trends, fads, and flops. I’ve learned a lot of tips on how to enhance my beauty instead of cover it up. And am finally happy with my daily beauty routine. I want to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years- the things that I will keep doing to keep people asking, “You’re how old?!” (I still get carded at rated R movies…just sayin’.)

-Wash your face each morning. Find a skincare routine you like, and take the time to do it every morning. You need a nice clean canvas to put makeup onto.

-Use a toner. I just recently started using them, but I will never go back. It removes all of the impurities and makes my skin feel so clean and smooth.

-Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Especially if you’re using a toner. You need to put that moisture back into your face. Moisturized skin holds onto your makeup better.

-Use sunblock. Or makes sure your moisturizer has SPF15 or higher. Nothing will age you faster than sun exposure. I never wore sunscreen as a kid, but now I don’t leave home without it. If you want less wrinkled, dried out skin, make sure not to skip this step.

-Drink plenty of water. The more hydrated you are, the more hydrated your skin is. Hydrated skin gives off a healthy and youthful glow- and you will have less breakouts.

-And probably one of the most important steps in my daily skincare routine, the one that more people skip than any of the others is- TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED. Do NOT sleep in your makeup! It will cause you to have greasy, dried out, break-out prone skin.

Just use your normal skincare routine if you’re not wearing much makeup, and you’ll be set. But, if you’re wearing any eye makeup at all, especially after a night out when you’re a little heavier handed with your makeup- grab some of this stuff:



B True Beauty‘s Nourishing Eye Makeup Remover is my secret weapon in getting my skin prepped for bedtime. I have tried several eye makeup removers, and it is by far my favorite. It is a powerhouse makeup remover. Just a few pumps onto a cotton pad removes every last trace of mascara, shadow, liner, and ahem…whatever I’m using to fill in my brows. (You do what ya gotta do!). Follow with your normal skincare regimen and go to bed with nice clean skin.

I’ve even used the eye makeup remover on other parts of my face when I’m wearing heavier makeup and it works wonders. The best part is that it’s super gentle on my mega sensitive skin, which was my biggest complaint about previously purchased makeup removers. It’s organic and 100% natural, so it’s made with the best stuff for your skin. So, make sure to add it to your routine, so you can stay younger looking for longer.

Also, go ahead and check out B True Beauty’s All Natural Eyelash Enhancer if you want thicker, longer, stronger lashes. It’s also all natural and organic, because you want the products you’re using anywhere around your eyes to be safe for your skin.

Especially during this time of year when we’re attending lots of parties and events, we need to take care of our skin. If you want to give it a try- now is the time. B True Beauty is offering 50% off with code WELOVEMRSBISHOP. Half-off, folks! Make it your resolution for the New Year to take better care of your skin!

What are your favorite Beauty Tips for youthful skin?


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