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Lincoln Logs/BabyLit/Dinosaurs/Peanuts/Hot Wheels/Don’t Break the Ice/Dry Erase/Lego Duplo/Vtech

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I couldn’t do a week of Gift Guides without sharing my Little Man’s picks. I’m sharing with you his most beloved playthings, in hopes that it will help you find gifts for your little men (or ladies).

1.) Lincoln Logs have been around forever, but you can’t hate on a classic. My little guy just discovered these on a trip to his Great Grandpa’s house and he is officially hooked.

2.) BabyLit books are awesome. They’re primers for language, letters, numbers, and all sorts of different subjects. And they’re modeled after classic novels. My little guy is just now old enough to pretty much read them himself, so he still loves them. I’ve reviewed them before, and still recommend them to friends with littles.

3.) Little boys and dinosaurs are the perfect pair. My son has one of these buckets filled with an array of different dinos, and he loves them. He has even memorized all their names, so he’s learning while he’s playing. Mommy has learned a thing or two as well.

4.) My son is OBSESSED with Charlie Brown and Linus, and asks to watch one of these 4 movies every, single, day. I was surprised that he liked them as they’re not a lot like newer cartoons…but like I said, you can’t beat a classic. I love them too- so I don’t mind watching them nearly as much as a lot of other kids shows.

5.) Hot Wheels. Need I say more? My son always has a Hot Wheels car with him. In his hand. In his diaper bag. In my purse. In the car…He has several of these race car tracks, and will play with them for hours at a time. There are SO many of them out there, so they’re not at all hard to find.

6.) My little guy is just barely old enough to start appreciating board games. He had the chance to play this one on Thanksgiving, and I think he’s going to receive his own for Christmas, because he loved it. All of these kids games are inexpensive and fun for the whole family.

7.) I love having a little dry erase board for car trips or doctors visits, or any time we need something to occupy our toddler. He loves being able to draw and erase over and over again. And I love that there’s not pieces of paper strewn all over my house.

8.) Finally we are graduating from Mega Blox and moving on to duplos. I can’t wait to get my little guy a big set of blocks, but there are lots of fun sets to choose from covering all sorts of different characters. You can’t go wrong with a little boy and legos.

9.) This Vtech computer has been a favorite of my son’s since last Christmas. It has helped him immensely in his letter writing, and is also great for traveling. And I don’t feel like he’s getting “screen time” when he’s playing it.

I hope that my son’s favorite toys help you choose some fun gifts for your kiddos.


So, that’s the end of my Week of Gift Guides. I hope they helped you choose some gifts for your loved ones!


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