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*Disclaimer- I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are 100% my own.*

Sorry, I’ve been pretty quiet this week around social media and here. I threw my back out and have been pretty bed-ridden (well, as much as is possible with a toddler to chase). But, you know I couldn’t let this week go on without sharing some Sensitive Skin Care Products with you.

I’ve been at home pretty much all week, so I like to keep my skincare clean and simple. I’ve been laying around a lot which means dry, dull skin. That’s where Bee Naturals comes in. They’re small batch luxury products, made with high quality and natural ingredients. They just feel ‘clean’, and they are!

I’ve been loving their Facial Cleansing Milk– especially in the mornings. It’s gentle enough to cleanse my face, without stripping it. It’s super hydrating, and not even a tiny bit irritating to my super-sensitive skin. Perfect for washing all the sleep off before getting ready for the day. Bonus: it smells like NOTHING, which is awesome, because I am highly sensitive to fragrances.



I’m also hooked on this Calming Facial Tonic. It’s unlike any other product I’ve use before, and one I will definitely continue using. It is made specifically for those of us with the most sensitive of skin. After cleansing, you just mist it on, and let is sit for a minute. It calms any redness or irritation, and helps soften and hydrate your skin. It’s so refreshing and mouisturizing, and a welcome addition to my daily routine. Especially when my skin is flaring up.



And last but not least, if you suffer from psoriasis like I do- check out this Psoriasis Creme. It’s emollient and calming, and great for easing the irritation and rough/dry patches associated with my skin issues. It’s also anti-inflammatory to help heal your skin. My skin hasn’t been too broken out lately (thanks to switching to more natural products!) but I’ve used it on my hubby’s dry patches, and it has helped. It smells a little different, I equate it to italian seasoning. But, that’s much better than the smell of most things I’ve tried on my skin. And, the smell doesn’t linger forever. If you’ve been looking for a product to help with your troubled skin- give this a try.



If you’re looking for luxury, natural skin care that you can actually afford, check out Bee Naturals. They even have their own Makeup line that I’m dying to try. And a Men’s Line if your hubby is sensitive-skinned like mine. I love their clean, simple packaging and the fact that they have so many products aimed at those of us with skin concerns.


Have you tried Bee Naturals? What is your favorite product?


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