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Over the past several weeks I have been trying out a TON of products from Biesecker Body Care. I am falling in love with this entire brand- they use certified organic and natural ingredients in all of their products, use only naturally derived fragrances, and their manufacturing practices do not adversely affect soil, water, woodlands, or wildlife. Good for you and good for the environment!

They have so many products to choose from, from Bath and Body, Hair Care, and even products for your Babies. I had the opportunity to try almost all of their products- so today I am going to share my favorites with you.



My absolute favorite product is this Fresh Mist Body Wash. Most people would say, “A Body Wash?”. But, here’s why- I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO USE A SCENTED BODY WASH IN YEARS! Years… Because every single one of them irritated my skin. Whether it was hidden chemicals in the fragrances they used, or some other toxic ingredient- they all have broken me out. But not this! I can finally shower and smell like something! I thought I was stuck using unscented soap forever- but not now. I will definitely be repurchasing this- over and over again. It’s non drying, does a great job getting me clean, smells fresh, and doesn’t break me out. Win-win-win-win! I’ll definitely be checking out their Citrus scent as well!


Biesecker also has a line of great Goat Milk Lotions. Again- a scented lotion? But, yes- I can use it without irritating my skin! And this Pomegranate Melon one smells just like my old favorite from that toxic Body Care Store that I won’t mention the name of- it has me feeling nostalgic every time I take a whiff. It’s also pretty hydrating and non-greasy, so great for any time of day. Make sure to check out all of their other scents.


Their Gentle Touch Sugar Scrub is a lot different from any other scrub I’ve ever used. It’s not super rough, and it’s not in a super oily emulsion. It’s more of a paste, which makes it super easy to apply in the shower. The addition of both coconut oil and cocoa butter make it super mouisturizing, but doesn’t leave me feeling too greasy. I use it on my face and neck- and pro tip: even on my underarms before shaving. Perfect for prepping those pits for the pool! Bonus: it’s 100% organic! I’m going to have to try their Salt Scrub next.

2oz-bb-intensive-skin-salve-532x500This Intensive Skin Salve was a lifesaver for my dry hands when we were traveling last month. I just popped it in my overnight bag and applied before bed. Keeping my hands hydrated and smooth- even when I was using water my skin wasn’t used to, and in a more polluted environment. Definitely a skin savior!


While we loved their Goat Milk Baby Lotion as well- this Owie Gone Salve is my favorite of their Hello Baby products. It helps with cuts, scrapes, burns, and all of those little skin irritations that our kiddos get. Now any time my son gets a bump or cut he asks for his “Owie Lotion.” It works and it gives him a little peace of mind.

I don’t want to make this post forever long, so if there’s a specific product you would like to hear more about- ask me a question down in the comments!

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the products that I got to try from this brand. You really can’t go wrong with natural, organic products. And, I am THRILLED to have found some scented products I can use on occasion!


What Biesecker products would you most like to try? Comment down below and let me know! Hop on over to my Facebook to Enter to win your very own Lavender Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion!

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