Fall Beauty Faves

*Disclaimer- I received some of these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

A new season is upon us- finally! Fall is here, and with the pumpkin flavored everything, the cooler weather, and the adorning of boots and scarves, also comes in a whole new crop of beauty favorites. Today I want to share with you some products I’ve been loving. They aren’t necessarily Fall specific- but just a collection of my current faves.

Plant Makeup Hibiscus Blush Powder– If you want just the most subtle flush of color on your cheeks. Or if you just love pure and natural products, this blush is for you. It is so very subtle, but perfect for Fall when I just want a tiny bit of color because I’m already flaunting bold lips. It takes a little getting used to- but now I’m sporting it pretty much every day! {Full review on the rest of their products coming soon!}

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser–  I love how light this cleanser is, and have been reaching for it every morning. It really makes my skin feel so clean and I’ve noticed quite a few less breakouts. I did a full review of it and some other Shamanuti products a little while ago, and I’ve been pretty impressed.

Red Apple Lipstick: Gypsy Soul– This has been my every day go-to Fall lipcolor. It’s gorgeous and is so flattering on so many skin tones. If I had to pick one product that you need to get for Fall, this would be it! I have it swatched on a previous post.

Moody Sisters Eye Shadow Trio– This trio has been pretty much all I have been wearing. Especially the matte brown, it is the perfect easy to wear shade, even for a busy mom on the go. I will wear this trio out by the time the season is over! If you want to see what it looks like on, I have a whole post singing my praises to it!

Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask– I grabbed this mask on a whim at Target when I was experiencing some hormonal breakouts. As a super-sensitive skinned gal, products made for acne prone skin tend to scare me a little. Mostly because they usually burn like wild-fire! But, this was so gentle, it barely felt like I was wearing anything. It will pull out any under the skin acne that’s hiding, but will have you looking smooth again in a couple of days. Give it a try if you’ve been having any acne issues!

Odacite– I had the opportunity to try a bunch of samples of Odacite’s products for sensitive skin. The Camelina Chamomile Serum Concentrate was so gentle. It’s anti inflammatory and made my skin feel so calm, even during a particularly reactive period. And their Apricot Palmerosa Serum Concentrate, made for fragile capillaries, REALLY works! I had some pretty bad ones around my nose and this serum cleared them up in just a couple of uses. I love how well all of their serums applied, especially with the aid of their Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme. It was so moisturizing, but still dry and helped the serums really absorb into my skin. I’ll definitely be giving these serums a re-purchase! All of their products smell and feel so fresh and natural, and had my skin feeling so healthy and rejuvenated. Try one of their discovery kits to see if there’s any products you’ll FALL in love with (see what I did there…).

Physicians Formula Eyeliner Trio Nude Collection– I grabbed these because I hadn’t found an eyeliner that kept my eyes from itching. These haven’t bothered my eyes yet, and I love the different colors. The lightest color has been my pretty much daily pick, and I like both the black and brown as well. Nothing too fancy- but they’ve been great for my sensitive eyes. (And it was only like $9 for the trio!)


And that’s it- the products I have been reaching for consistently this season- what are your current Fall faves?

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