New Year, Old Me

As this year comes to a close, I’ve found myself reflecting on the lessons that I’ve learned. On the person that I’ve become- am still becoming. Each year shapes us differently, life’s circumstances a chisel, ever defining us. Some years, I’ve learned, more rigorously than others.

This year I’ve come to a revelation- one that has changed who I am. When people ask me what my ‘word for the new year’ will be, some may find my answer a little selfish. I’ve pondered and the simplest term I can break it down into is this…


I don’t mean it in the sense that we should live selfishly, forsaking others, thinking only of our actual self. But, in terms of self care. Taking care of our selves. Our bodies, minds, souls. I want us to take a step back and find our OLD selves.

The one that might be fading slightly from sleepless nights, or getting lost completely in the throes of motherhood. The one, she’s there, buried beneath dishes and toys and laundry. At the bottom of our to-do list. Begging us for a little attention.

This year, Momma, I want you to remember that old self. Nurture and care for her. Pick out one thing that she used to enjoy- and DO it.

That book that has been on your night stand all year? I want you to take the time to read it. That craft you’ve been meaning to make- not the one with your kids, but the one you saw and were dying to make for yourself? Set aside uninterrupted time and make it.

Maybe all you really need is a nap? Set your clock for 20 minutes, shut off the phone and sleep. I promise you, the dishes will still be there when you wake up. When you wake, you may even be able to tackle them with an energetic sense of renewal.

Recently I’ve been making time for myself a priority and I’ve become a different person. A happier person. A refreshed woman! One who smiles more and is less quick with complaints.

You may need to enlist help in order to make this happen. Call on your Husband, a grandparent, or trade babysitting afternoons with a friend. But this year, I urge you to do it.

We cannot pour from an empty cup.When our reserves are low and energy depleted, we cannot serve our families well. I’ve talked about burnout before, and it’s happening to every one.

As mothers, we set the tone for our entire household. I’m finding that the old saying is partially true- ‘If Momma ain’t happy- nobody’s happy.’

Let’s promise to take some time for US, so that we can be better wives, mothers, friends, and neighbors. By caring for our selves, we can better care for those all around us!

This year we don’t need to reinvent who we are. To change our outer appearance. We need to take a look deep down inside for our old self, and show her a little love.

No more ‘New Year, New You’ talk.

Let’s make this about the old you that’s dying to make a comeback.

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