How One Bad Date Changed My Life- Mrs. Bishop

11 years ago today, I went on my first date with my Husband.

If we would’ve judged how our relationship would turn out from the events of that first date- we wouldn’t still be together today.

We saw the worst first date movie of maybe all time. See No Evil. Don’t even look it up. It was horrible. He knew I liked scary movies, so he picked the only one in theaters at the time. And blech. No thank you. If I hadn’t been on a date I would’ve walked out of that movie before it was even half over.

Then we went out for Mexican food and I ordered nachos. I had no idea you got chips and salsa for free people! I was a baby at 18. So I ate chips. Chips for dinner. On a first date.

Come to think of it, I didn’t eat anything because I was so nervous.

On the way home we got stopped at a railroad crossing with the longest train ever. And he TOOK OFF HIS SEATBELT! I prayed, ‘dear Lord don’t let him kiss me here stuck by a train.’ Then I proceeded to ask him what he was doing. #awkward

As you can tell, it was not the best first date. By society’s standards it would definitely not have warranted a second date. Probably not even a phone call.

But, the kiss at the end of the night- magic!

What I didn’t mention is that we had pretty much become best friends before this date. We knew a ton about each other already, so the awkwardness was easy to laugh off. But, in life, that’s not always the case.

That crazy first date lead me to understand that every thing deserves a second chance. Another shot. Because if we didn’t go out again, we wouldn’t be here 11 years later, still crazy in love. Holding hands and laughing our way through this messy life together!

This doesn’t only apply to dating- I’ve found it works for life in general. Like, the time I cried my way home after the first day of cosmetology school. Or anytime I’ve failed at something that later I excelled at. My motto is dust yourself off, try try again. What seems awkward, silly, or scary even, can turn out to be wonderful.

So I am so very thankful for that bad first date, because it taught me a valuable lesson. And every date after that was so much better!

Has there ever been a time in your life that you gave a second chance and it ended up changing your life? Tell me about it!

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