Lies Women Believe – Mrs. Bishop

*Disclosure- I was on the launch team for this book and received a copy for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

This weekend I finally finished Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. She wrote this book years ago, but recently re-released it with more relevant chapters on challenges that women of today are facing.

This book helped me to face some HARD truths about areas I need to change in my life, and gave me some insight into some problems that I needed to face. There are so many lies that are being targeted to us ladies, that the world has us believing them. Lies about our marriages, our past, our children. All straight from the devil, stemming from that first lie that he used to get Eve to eat the apple.

This book really had me struggling. Some of these lies I have believed to be true for so many years, and this book has really helped me to break the cycle of believing them. One by one I’ve been able to break down walls of lies that I’ve built up in areas of my life and it has truly helped me on my spiritual walk.

But, like any book based on someone else’s interpretations of the Word, there were also a few things that I disagreed with. Mostly some areas based on family planning, especially being a mom of one- something I share about on here often.

However, the great thing is, I never feel like I have to agree with someone 100% to really get something out of what they’ve written. I never fully expect my readers to agree with every single thing that I say- and I bet the author doesn’t either! The important thing is I got so much good out of it. My life has been made better, and the way I view my past has been changed so much by her words.

I’m not going to say everything that I didn’t necessarily agree with- because I still want you to read it. I want her words to speak to you, as a woman, and let you make those decisions for yourself. It is still definitely worth a read and a great one to share with the other women in your life.

As always, let me know what you are reading. I am always open to suggestions and love sharing my recommendations with you. Have you read Lies Women Believe- what did you think?

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