The Power of Prayer for a Kindergartner – Mrs. Bishop

Prayer has always been a big part of our son’s life. We’ve always prayed with him before meals and when we tuck him in at night. In his mind, it’s something that we just do. He prays at church, and he’s prayed with us over sick family members.

The greatest thing about watching him pray, is that he’s absolutely faithful. He has no doubts that this prayer will work- that it will be answered. He just believes. And that’s beautiful- it reminds me of how I need to pray- with childlike faith.

After getting a worksheet at church a few Sundays ago, reminding him that when he gets frustrated that he can always pray and ask God for help, he’s been doing that too. After our prayers the other night, he grabbed my hand and melted my heart with his words, “P.S. God help me to treat others as myself, help me not get frustrated, help me to remember to always be patient, and to always be honest.” His words BLEW ME AWAY!

Even better- these prayers have been helping him! Asking God for help is easing his fears and helping him to not get overwhelmed. He’d been having a little trouble in Taekwondo the last few weeks- getting frustrated and not listening. As I started to get him out of the car this week for class, he said, “Mommy can you wait for me to pray?” He asked God to help him not get frustrated and to remember to take a deep breath and not to throw fits. He did better in that class than he had for weeks.

Watching him be faithful in his prayers has really challenged me to be more faithful in mine. I need to ask God to help me be more patient and to not get frustrated. Because, I can see it working in my Kindergartner’s life.

I cannot wait to see how his relationship with God develops and to watch him grow in his faith. It’s a beautiful thing to watch your child realize. I am so thankful that even though we aren’t perfect people, we’re raising a little boy who loves God- and isn’t afraid to ask for anything in prayer.

Do you pray with your kids? What are some cute things that they’ve prayed for?

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