My Favorite Reads of 2018

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This past year wasn’t my greatest year for reading. I read a lot of just okay books. Ones that I enjoyed, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend to someone else. Books I grabbed from discount bins and at random from the library. Sometimes you can really come across a gem that way, so I always keep trying. If you want to see my top 5 fiction reads from the first half of the year, I shared them months ago. But, this list is my overall favorite reads of 2018 (in no particular order). It isn’t a huge list- but I also re-read a BUNCH of old favorites. Which I do from time to time when I fall into a reading slump.


Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One by Rapahelle Giordano was originally written in French and released in English just recently. I came across it at an adorable bookshop I just discovered and knew I had to read it. At this time in my life when I’m realizing how quickly life is passing me by, the title really intrigued me. It’s a short, quick read about a woman who needs a change in her life. And maybe just a new positive perspective. I really enjoyed it. The characters, the story, and the fact that it’s set in Europe- always a win in my book.

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid was one of those books that totally destroys your world. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a love triangle like you’ve never read before- and you really don’t know which way you should go. I’ve never flip-flopped so much in my life when reading. SO good!

If you read and enjoyed Me Before You and After You, you definitely need to pick up Still Me by Jojo Moyes. I think it would be good even as a standalone. Louisa’s back and better than ever with the same awkwardness, sass, and sense of adventure. This book was heartwarming, lovely, and funny just like the others. I’m sad to be done with her character. She’s not at all like me, but still one of my favorite characters from this, and previous years. (I do have to say I liked this book better than the 2nd one, but not as good as the first. But all-together they’re still some of my faves.)

I’ve loved Candace Cameron Bure ever since I was a little girl, and Kind is the New Classy is no exception. This book made me love her even more! She really is so kindhearted, strong in her faith, and such an inspiration to younger girls. I love her outlook on life, faith, parenting, and so much more. If you like her, you definitely need to give this book a read. Or if you’re just looking to feel inspired and reminded how important kindness is- this book’s for you!

My big brother recommended Ready Player One by Ernest Cline to me, and I wasn’t really sure if I’d like it. But, he insisted. And I’m glad he did! I cheated a little and listened to it on audiobook (which is definitely how I recommend reading it- because Wil Wheaton does an amazing job!). The book scared me a little because it may have given me a glimpse into where the world is headed. But, the nostalgic flashbacks to so much stuff from my childhood was a welcome surprise. They also made this book into a movie- which is pretty much NOTHING like the book (but STILL GOOD). However, I almost always recommend the book over the movie. If you like sci-fi, old videogames and 80’s movies, you’ll love this book too.

I’ve been laughing at Martin Short for as long as I can remember. He really is one of the funniest people on the planet. I waited forever for this book to become available at my local library- then I devoured it. I loved reading about his life, laughed at all of his Steve Martin stories, and wished I had the opportunity to be a guest at one of his famous Christmas parties. This man is hilarious, loved his wife more than life, and has truly lead an extraordinary life. I’ve also heard that the audiobook is great- because you get to hear it read by him!

The main reason I enjoyed How to Stop Time by Matt Haig so much, is because it was so unlike any other book I’ve read before. You get to experience different eras from the perspective of one person, and feel how long heartache sticks with us. If you like a little bit of fantasy with a dash of sci-fi and a smidgen of romance- give this book a shot. It takes awhile to get into it, but I enjoyed it.

Is The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory another typical romance? Yes. Did I still devour it in about 2 sittings? Yes, again! It’s great if you like reading love stories where you just keep wondering why the heck the characters keep doing what they’re doing. But, it’s spicy and fast paced, and you’ll find yourself staying up way past your bedtime to finish it.

I’m pretty sure I read through I’d Rather be Reading twice in just a few days because Anne Bogel is my spirit animal. A fellow book lover who will have you shaking your head yes so many times. Whether it’s about how to GIVE UP on a crappy read or the ever-changing bookshelf reshuffling of the book hoarder. I laughed out loud a few times and walked away with a few new suggestions for my to-read shelf. This book has a special place on my bookshelf at home now.

I read over 70 books this past year. Eight of those I’ve read several times. A few of them I wish I hadn’t bothered with. But, I have a REALLY hard time giving up on books once I start them. I hope this list of my favorite reads of 2018 helps you find some new reads for the new year.

What are you reading?

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