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Kristi Clover’s new book M.O.M.: Master Organizer of Mayhem- Simple Solutions to Organize Chaos and Bring More Joy into Your Home is the handbook you need for organizing your life, even if you have a large family. It offers simple, practical tips that you can easily implement in your daily life. From how to get started, clearing clutter, and adding healthy routines and habits to get your life together. As a Mom of 5, she really knows what she’s talking about! Being a Mom of one myself, some of her tips don’t exactly apply to me- because less hands to help, and less to clean up after…but, her organizing tips and ideas were well received and have already started getting implemented in our household.

I always like to think I’m pretty organized. I can de-clutter and shift things around like a pro, so they look cleaner. But, a few days later- it’s back to utter chaos. Please don’t look inside my cabinets and closets!!! In M.O.M. Kristi says:

“Knowing how to get organized is only half the battle. Actually doing the hard work of getting organized- and then staying on top of the mayhem- is the other half of the fight.”

She also says that home organizing is kind of like a diet plan. Lots of plans can get us organized, but the maintenance part is where the whole thing falls apart.


Good intentions and all that…

While some of her advice is pretty self-explanatory and common sense- like a place for everything, and everything in its place. She really does offer up a lot of ideas and strategies for managing your household and keeping it in check. I love that at the end of each chapter, she leaves space for you to take notes and make checklists to help get you started. And thanks to M.O.M., I may actually stay on top of the chaos and mayhem in my home for once. Even in the closets and pantry…

Please leave me any tips you have for keeping your life organized, and let me know which part of your house you struggle with the most. I know I’m not alone!

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