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I LOVE Fall. It is the most beautiful time of year. The gorgeous colors all around, the smells, the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. It’s heaven. What I don’t love is the way my body reacts when the seasons shift. Once the weather starts to change and we have dramatic swings from high to low temperatures and back again, and the pressure changes that come along with it…my body is not a fan.

Over the past few years I’ve dealt with seasonal allergies, migraines, body aches, restless legs, TMJ, gastrointestinal flares, and more. I feel great most of the time- but when the seasonal change occurs, mostly to Spring and Fall, my body freaks out for a few weeks. This year I’ve really been working on anticipating these issues and changes before they strike, so that I can try to be a step ahead of them. I’m not a Dr. and I can only speak for what works for me. But, I wanted to share with you some things that I’m doing that are helping ease these seasonal change issues.


Hot Showers

Sometimes the last thing I want to do once I finally convince my body to crawl out of bed in the morning, is to head into the shower. But, starting my day with a nice hot shower really eases any aches and pains I get- especially the neck and shoulder pain that I’ve been dealing with. It really seems that wet heat helps the most. So, some days I shower in the AM and then take a hot bath at night because it feels so good on my body. I even occasionally start my days with a soak in the tub, when I can find the time.

Recently I’ve started soaking my feet in epsom salts at night too when they’re achy. It feels nice and a little luxurious, so I can pretend it’s a spa treatment. I’ve heard magnesium is also good for aches and pains, which is pretty much what epsom salts are anyway.


Because of my GI issues, I’ve had several of my Dr.’s recommend probiotics. I don’t know HOW much of a difference they make- but I DO notice when I don’t take them. They help everything to ‘stay regular’ and anything that helps my slow-moving stomach digest is a plus in my book. Sometimes overall body health starts with dealing with what’s going on inside, so I am going to keep taking them.

Ice Packs and Heating Pads

At certain times of the year, my heating pad is my BFF. In the Winter, I usually add a heated blanket to that list as well. But, heating pads are amazing for sore backs, shoulders, and achy muscles. On the flip side- my ice-pack bestie has been keeping me company with my shin splints and jaw pain. (Getting older is super fun…) Sometimes rotating between ice and heat can also be helpful- but I’m more of a heat girl, myself. I would be content to hibernate the Winter away in front of a crackling fire- but that’s hardly practical…


Sometimes you really, really need to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Whether that means going to bed a little earlier, or taking a day to sleep in. Fitting in a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon can’t hurt either. Our bodies repair themselves when we’re sleeping- so make it a priority in your life when you can. Mamas of small children, I know this is HARD. But, I promise in a few years, you’ll eventually sleep again.

Stay Hydrated

In a perfect world I could survive on coffee, but that just doesn’t work for me. My body shuts down when I don’t have enough water. I’m more tired, my skin breaks out more, and my headaches really increase. So, the first thing I do in the morning is drink a big glass of water. I keep a big stainless water bottle with me all day long. I make myself drink a glass of water in between cups of coffee. If water isn’t your favorite- keep pushing. Eventually other stuff will taste less good. And sometimes I’ve noticed if it’s iced, I’ll drink more. Or if it’s in a cup with a straw, I’ll drink it faster. Find some ways to trick yourself into drinking more, and your body will thank you.

hot tea

Tea Blends

Speaking of hydration. Hot tea is my new jam. I’ve started drinking a few different blends that are really having positive side effects other than just being delish! Peppermint tea is great when I have a headache or am feeling bloated. And, my new obsession is Ginger Turmeric tea. Ginger aides my slow digesting stomach and adds a nice warmth, and turmeric is supposed to be great for inflammation. So, it definitely doesn’t hurt. When I REMEMBER to drink it every day, I do notice a difference. I like to switch up the flavors I’m drinking to see what helps best. Have you tried any that you love? {The one pictured is Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality– which is another great option!}

Obviously, none of these things completely get rid of the seasonal change my body goes through each year, but I’m willing to try most every little thing that will help. I just hope that some of these tips will help you if you experience any of these crazy weather related body changes. And if you have any tips for me, leave them in the comments below.

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