Advanced 2016 Reading Challenge

In case you missed my Beginner’s Reading Challenge  you can check it out. This challenge is for you if you’re not an avid reader, but want to push yourself a little this year.

But, if new library books get your blood pumping, and the sight of a Barnes and Noble makes your heart sing- this challenge is for you. So, here it is fellow bibliophiles-

My Hubby and I came up with these together, and I hope they help you break out of your reading comfort zone.

My Advanced Reading Challenge for 2016:

*A Book for a Better You– This means a self-help book. Not only limited to emotional health, but financial, physical, etc. applies as well. I recommend any Dave Ramsey books if you’re trying to take control of your finances this year. Or, maybe Hands Free Life if you’re trying to take control of your family time. Whatever it is- pick a book that will inspire you this year.

*A Book that You’ve “Said You Read.”– This means any book you were supposed to read way back in high school or college. One you just might have lied and said you read, while winging it through the exam. I have a few of these…it’s always fun to go back and read them now with adult perspective. So, pick up that old dusty copy of A Farewell to Arms, or Anna Karenina (ugh, this is on of mine…) and dig in.

*A Book Hot Off the Presses– Go to the library New Release section and just pick one . Not one you’ve previously researched or that’s already on your to-read list. I’ve found some great books by just judging the books by their covers and choosing one at random. You may even discover a new favorite author.

*A Book Your Spouse Would Read– I started reading Moby Dick, because it was my Hubby’s fave as a kid, next is War of the Worlds and Sherlock Holmes. He’s not a huge reader now, so a graphic novel or sport’s biography would be more his speed. Talk it out with your other half, and maybe read each other’s faves. When spouses talk about books together, all is well in the world. Give it a try!

*A Book That’s Now a Movie (But You Saw the Movie First)– I usually like to read the book first, and then complain that the movie is totally ruining it. If I watch the movie first, I like it a little better. See if it’s the same for you. You may enjoy spotting the differences in an opposite manor. Though, I will still always love the book more… #bookloverprobs.

*A Book Set in Your Ideal Era– I’ve recently began a love affair with the 20’s, so I’m loving reading novels set during that time (or written in that time.) Whether it’s WWII, the 1800’s, or maybe even the future…

*A Sequel to an Old Favorite– disregard if this doesn’t exist…but many books have sequels. I just read After You, because I previously fell in love with Me Before You. Sometimes the sequels completely destroy what series of events played out in your mind, but it’s always an experience.

*A SERIES of Your Choosing– This could be a trilogy or more. Not gonna lie, I’ve never read the Harry Potter books…I know, I know… But, it’s on the list for this year. Finally.

I know.


I know, I’m the last person in the world who hasn’t read them.

*A Scary Story– Stephen King. Michael Koryta. Gillian Flynn. You get the picture. Even if it’s not your usual genre…a little mystery and suspense will do ya good. Never hurts to give your blood pressure a little boost. Scary doesn’t necessarily mean a Horror story. It could also be a True Crime, or set during a scary event in History.

Just don’t turn out the lights…

So, that’s it.

9 books. (Well, at least 11 if you’re doing a trilogy…and so on.)

You can do that. Especially if you’re an avid reader. Even an average reader can do that. Think a book every month.

C’mon you got this. I read 78 books last year.

Maybe that makes me a little bit of a hermit…but no judgement.

I’ll be doing this challenge with you, so please read along. Any suggestions for some of my picks for this year?

Don’t forget to tag #ReadWithMrsBishop on Twitter and Instagram so we can keep up with each other! Looking forward to some great new reads this year!


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