Winter Toddler Activities

Since it’s mid January and a bucket of yuck outside (especially here in Indiana, because there’s no snow, only rain), I decided to compile a list of fun things to do with your toddler- so that you both don’t go insane. {sidenote- it snowed last night…}

My how I miss you warm park days and afternoons at the pool!

-Go to your local library and pick out some books about spring. Point out the flowers and budding trees, and talk about how it’s not too far away.

– Go out for ice cream. Even if it’s freezing outside. Get some hot fudge if you need a little warmth. Throw the diet out the window for a day and enjoy the rare ice cream treat with your little(s).

– Make a bird-feeder for the hungry birds who are hating the cold as much as this Momma; who used to love cold weather, but now wants to scream because her son asks to play outside EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

– Color together. This is something I really enjoy doing with my little guy. I got an adult coloring book, and he grabs one of his, and we sit side by side and color together. I even let him use my fancy colored pencils. He likes watching Mommy do it, and it’s relaxing and a moment of calm in our hectic days. Here’s a fun coloring book for Mommas:

– Exercise. Sometimes I put on an exercise video and my toddler joins in on jumping jacks ans sit ups. Or some mornings we just do stretches together. Now that he’s a little older, he enjoys learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. And it’s a way to sneak in a bit of a workout.

– Bake something. My little man loves to help measure out ingredients and stir them together. Practice makes perfect- he used to be super messy, but he gets a little better each time. And, hey…if you don’t wanna keep all the goodies, share them with a neighbor. You can talk about giving and being friendly to others.

– Play a game together. My toddler is becoming quite the master of Go Fish, and we’re working on Connect 4. Board and Card games were a huge part of my childhood, but they seem to be not as popular these days. I love watching him learn to play and the excitement he emits when he wins. Here are a few fun games to try with littles:

– Get Messy. Break out the pladoh, finger paints, play sand, or toss your kiddo in the tub and let them go crazy with some bath paints or shaving cream (always a safer bet if you’re not a fan of huge messes, and want to just spray them down the drain.) Try something like this:

Don’t let the cold days get you down and have you pulling your hair out. Drink an extra cup of coffee and give one of these ideas a try!

What are some of your favorite cold weather activities?



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  1. Becky says

    Kalel played that squirrel game at Head Start, all the kids loved it. You can also let them stay all night with their meemaw’s lol

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