Mommy Monday #3- Vomiting Toddler Tips


  Here we are again at the start of a new week, and I'm ready to share some more tips and tricks with you to maybe help your life go a little smoother... This week lets talk about vomit... Ew, I know- but with a toddler, it happens. And last week I spent an entire morning holding my 3 year old as he got sick. Every 15 minutes. I don't … [Read more...]

Mommy Monday- Things I Keep in My Car


Being a Mommy can be hard some days. Really hard. And exhausting. I've decided I want to start sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks to help your day go a little more smoothly. Today I want to talk about what we keep in a bag/in the car whenever we go somewhere in case of toddler emergency. Let's get real...toddler emergencies happen. … [Read more...]

Making Mom Friends in a Small Town


I grew up in a big town. And when I got married, I moved to a small town about 30+ minutes away. Not too far, but far enough not to visit every day. We don't have a lot of stuff going on in the town where I live, so I usually have to make the drive to do fun activities with my other friends with kids. I decided early on, I needed to make some … [Read more...]

You Know You’re a Good Mom…


You know you're a good mom when, after battling an epic tantrum, you sneak into your closet and sob on the floor. Wondering if you're doing anything right. Worrying if you should've handled the situation better. Questioning everything, your whole outlook on parenting. Which parenting style is the best? Do you deserve to be a mother when you yelled … [Read more...]

Bloggy Moms

I'm one of the featured members over at Bloggy Moms today. Feel free to hop on over and check out my posts. I've only done two so far, but it's brand new to me and a fun way to blog about being a Mommy. … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Easter Basket


Easter Baskets haven't been a huge priority in our home. Steven's first 2 years we didn't get him one, because he never would've noticed. And last year we bought him a pre-made one, which turned out to be really expensive and was filled with mostly candy. So, this year I set out to make a really inexpensive basket full of things that he would … [Read more...]

Slow Down Time


This morning my 3 year old little man climbed into bed with me. He laid his head down next to mine and brushed the hair out of my face. He said, "Mommy rest? Wake up Mommy". Then he patted my face and climbed down, off to start an adventure in another room of the house. There was a time not so long ago, I couldn't even imagine this. Couldn't … [Read more...]

Dear Mom of One


Sometimes when I talk about my parenting struggles, I can feel my friends rolling their eyes. They don't mean to do it- but sometimes they do. They have 2 or more children and I only have one. So, any struggle I have must be twice as hard for them, right?  Getting woken up over and over by one child in the middle of the night must be much … [Read more...]

Life Update

Things are going pretty slow around here, and we are all ready for winter to be over. We're just getting over, what I hope, is our last winter storm. Anybody else ready for spring? I am usually a snow lover-but even I'm over it this year! We've started potty training Baby B this week. Right now I'm mostly just getting him used to sitting on the … [Read more...]

Toddler Meal Test Kitchen


Eating "pancakes" This Momma has been on a rampage lately searching for healthy meals to get my EXTREMELY picky toddler to eat. Specifically to get him to eat HEALTHY foods. Right now we are at a point where some days, all he will eat is peanut butter and jelly.That's not jiving with this Momma. I have scoured Pinterest for healthy Toddler … [Read more...]