…Brownies in a Jar! – Mrs. Bishop

So, as a gift for a few of my friends and family, I decided to make something cute, and yummy! I got the recipe for the Brownies in a jar, and looked up a few others…soup in a jar, etc. I picked up some adorable Christmas-y jars at the dollar tree, added another dollar tree find- a double ended spatula, and voila! Yummy goodness!
I had another one as well, but already gave it away before I could take some pictures 🙁
Here’s what the jars looked like up close:


So cute!
Here’s what the layers look like inside:






Then I made some tags, and tied them on with some cute ribbon- note: they’re not cut completely straight in this photo:




In the end, I really liked how cute they turned out, and hope the brownies are as yummy as they sound! (Did I forget to mention that I haven’t had time to actually try out the recipe?! Oops!)

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