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As a mom, it is ridiculously hard to find time for myself. Moments when I am completely uninterrupted for any amount of time are precious. That’s why I have to make that time count. I have found ways to squeeze as much self care as I possibly can in the short amount of time that I am able to carve out for myself. Like, lately during my son’s hour long Taekwondo class- I have been putting on headphones and playing my favorite music, while reading a good book. Instead of making lists and getting work done.


Bath time has been the same. Instead of just washing quickly and getting it over with, I have been literally soaking in the moment. I light a candle, play music, grab a good book or dim the lights and just relax. I’ve even been breaking out some really luxurious feeling products during these soaks, to make these few minutes to myself really feel special.

That’s where Amaki comes in!

amaki-bath-soakThis Flowers and Salts Bath Soak turns my normal bubble bath in to a complete spa experience. The lavender scent makes for an overall relaxing vibe, while the epsom salts soothe and help to de-stress my muscles. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and I get out of the tub feeling like a new woman.

amaki-body-oilOnce I get out of the tub, I grab this Jasmine and Rose Nourishing Oil and rub it all over my body. The scent is beautiful, but not at all over-powering. It’s 100% natural, so it’s extra gentle on my sensitive skin. It makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated, and the light scent lingers. Honestly, my favorite place to use it is on my dry heels and feet- they feel amazing after just a couple of drops. And sandal season is coming! I even made my Hubby give me a back rub with it, and he even enjoyed the smell. It’s like the perfect blend of essential oils to relax and unwind you- which I know this Momma needs after a long day. The best part is, it can be used pretty much anywhere on your body. Face, hands, hair, body, nails- and it only takes a couple of drops to spread all over, so it will last forever.

Adding special little rituals like this to an otherwise ordinary bath time routine really turns it into an experience. And I like to sneak in self care any way that I can!

What are some rituals you do to help keep yourself calm and sane?

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see some of my other self care rituals, and corresponding products!

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