…my lil “beaded tree” – Mrs. Bishop

<Note: Notice how much better camera resolutions have gotten over the years, because these pics are terrible!>
So, the other “tree” I posted in my last post was a “beaded tree”. I got the idea here: Tree!
Here’s how I made mine…I will mention beforehand that I really like my ribbon tree a lot better, and the blog who I got the idea from has a much cuter beaded tree than me…don’t knock a girl for trying though, hee hee!
First, I got one of these: “foam trees”
and then some of these, which I picked up at Hob Lob for just a couple of dollars:


They’re a vase filler, but I did my decorations this year in red and silver, and I really liked the way they looked. Next, I got my glue gun and got to work- starting from the bottom up. Then, all the way around, making sure that none hang over, so it will stand evenly.
Then, just put some glue on a section and keep gluing.

I tried to use different sizes so they looked “randomly” placed, rather than in straight lines.

Go all the way up to the top.
Then go ahead and make a topper when you realize that the tree you were modeling yours after was much thinner at the top! Whoopsie.
I just used a tiny ornament…and because it’s me and I love me some glitz-
Go ahead and wrap some “ribbon garland” around it.
Not too bad for my first try.
I will say this is an easy craft, but a little time consuming. And you may drive yourself a little bit crazy trying to get those foam balls to fit in with each other!
Note: Careful, these lil foam balls will melt if the glue is way too hot! I had to learn the hard way, so you don’t have to!

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