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Tis the season! For ALL the Holiday reads. Give me all the cheesy Hallmark style books set on Christmas tree farms, in small towns, with all the Christmas magic- especially this year, amiright? I’ve rounded up the reads that I enjoyed this season, along with some from last season to share with you, if you’re in need of some warm reads for these cold Winter nights. (Slightly warmer than I’m used to now that we’re Arkansans- but chilly nonetheless…)

Holiday Reads

Home for the Holidays was our Besties Bookshelf November Book Club pick and it was maybe my favorite of all of these. The story of 3 sisters who’ve grown apart coming together at their Aunt’s Inn over Christmas. All of them have 3 very different lives, and are all going through unique struggles. Ultimately, they find out that what they really need is each other, and their journey to that conclusion is sweet and full of Holiday shenanigans.

Is Season of Joy a stereotypical Holiday romance- complete with a man who owns a CHRISTMAS TREE FARM? Yes it is! Did I still love it, with it’s Hallmark/Lifetime/ cheesyHoliday vibes? Yes, again! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- we need fluffy, fun Holiday romances…especially this year! So, get yourself some cocoa, put on your fuzzy slippers, and curl up next to the fire and fall into this sweet Holiday love story.

A lot of times you think that Holiday reads will be all fluff and no substance. And by looking at the cover of The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, that’s what I’d assume too. Though I have no problem with fluff, especially during the Holidays. I was wrong with that assumption! This book has real characters with real problems. An uncle raising his niece who lost her parents- who is afraid to let anyone in. And a girl searching for home with the only family she has left. (Plus the greeting card-esque town we all wished we could live in.)I fell in love with all the characters in this book- dogs included. It’s the perfect read for the Holiday season.

I’m going to let you in on a secret- I *just* started reading ‘Twas the Knife Before Christmas, so I don’t yet have a full review- but wanted to get this round-up posted so you could make your Holiday reads wish list. But, a cozy mystery- again, set in a small town. With Holiday and mysterious vibes. How can I not love it? I’ll post more about it on our Bookstagram once I finish, so stay tuned!

We could all use a little Mrs. Miracle in our life… Mrs. Merckle that is. She is the sweetest, meddling-est lady and I loved getting to know her in this book. I loved the flawed characters and strained relationships in this story- even the nosy lady who gets her mouth shut, literally. Sometimes you need a pure and easy read for the Holidays and I really enjoyed this one.

I read Christmas Camp last Holiday season and remember really enjoying it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to a camp that is themed for people who need a little Christmas spirit in their lives?! I’d be numero uno to sign up for that trip. This story was another sweet one with all the cozy, Holiday feels and that’s the kind of story I want to curl up into this time of year!

Now- spam me with all of your Holiday reads recommendations. Because I have almost a month left to add to my already stacked reading list this year!

*Bonus- I try to put all of my book reccs on my Amazon Storefront book page so you can find them easily. Add a few to your Christmas wish list!

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Holiday Reads

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