My Placemat Throw Pillow…. – Mrs. Bishop

So, I’ve seen around blogland that people were creating some cute lil throw pillows out of placemats- and I thought, “Even I can do that!” Hee hee…so I did!


I’m not going to show a tutorial, because my camera was dying, and it was pretty self explainatory.
Basically, I took a placemat that was already backed, that I picked up from Wally World for about $3.50. Then I tore the seam open along the red edge, just enough to shove some poly-fill in there. I filled to my desired “fluffyness” and sewed the seam back closed with some matching thread that I picked up while I was out. Viola! A cute holiday throw pillow, that didn’t cost me a fortune. I love the colors, and it looks good on my slightly beaten up suede sofa! 🙂





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