Adorable Flowers! – Mrs. Bishop

Here’s some simple lil projects I’ve been working on in between working on the living room…
First up- in case you didn’t already see my Pink Plaid Rosettes




I’ve also been making some simple little flowers out of circles of old material that I’ve got. I actually cut up my prom dress…Yes, my prom dress! But, the last time I wore it was 2005, people, and I happened to spill sweet and sour sauce all over the front of it, the sequins was falling off, etc. I figured it wouldn’t really be wearable again, so why not make something else out of it?
No real tutorial here. I just cut different sized circles of fabric. Then, I held them over a candle so that the heat would crinkle up the edges. I added some sequins and various beads, jewels, etc, and viola!




I might turn one into a headband and use the other as a clip for a bag or something. Love how adorable and simple these were to make!
I also made a little embellishment out of jeans.
And the final product.
See, I’ve made a little time for crafting in between being in my sis in laws wedding, redoing the living room, and being sick. 🙂
Happy crafting- and blogging!!!


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