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If you’re a boy mom, chances are you too have a plethora of LEGO bricks littering your floors. Also your tabletops, drawers, bins, empty shoes, and everywhere else those little suckers can hide.

Finding a solution to store all of our bricks started to become a problem. And since my little dude just turned 7, that’s really one of the only toys he currently plays with every single day. So, I set out to find an AFFORDABLE LEGO Storage Solution. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty extensive set-ups, but didn’t wanna spend an arm and a leg. We also already own some pretty cool Storage Bricks for all of his sets and random pieces. But, I wanted something that would make it easy for him to reach for the pieces he uses the most. And this is what I came up with:

lego storage

I found these 30 Wall Mounted Small Parts Storage Bins {I linked them here from Amazon- but I got mine in store for less $$$} at our local Harbor Freight. It was only $17.99! And they always send us coupons in the mail for 20% off. So this was a MEGA affordable solution to my problem. WIN!

storage solution

Bonus- they totally match his Captain America color scheme.

Yes, these are made of cheap plastic. And I wouldn’t recommend them for heavy duty items in your garage. But, in a little boy’s room for extra LEGO storage? They’re perfection!

up close lego storage

We put all of his most used LEGOS into their own separate bins by size/type. He’s even got one for Minifigures. You could also do them by color. The possibilities are endless. Also- who knew we had SO many LEGO tires?

lego storage above

They work great for our needs- and he can reach for them whenever he’s looking for a specific piece. He even got a kick out of helping to organize them, and has been putting up the ones in their proper places when he’s done building. Which makes my organized heart SO happy!

lego corner

So, now he has a whole little LEGO building corner in his room. Yes, he has more LEGOS than this over all- but these are the most used ones, and the ones we really needed to have available all of the time. I’ll probably end up purchasing another one for the other wall because it’s working out so well. (And so inexpensive!)

Now to find a solution for storing all of his BIG builds- which he currently builds on a table we bought for this exact purpose.

big lego build

He’s determined to be a Master Builder and I love fostering his creativity. But, it also helps when I can find a way to put it all away when he’s finished. So, I’m very happy with our LEGO storage solution!

How do you store your LEGOS and little toys?

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