Crocheted Headband – Mrs. Bishop

So, while reading up on my crafty blog list I came across this knotted headband tutorial. I am just learning to crochet, but this is simple enough that I could pull it off. Mine is def. not as good as the original, but I love it. Here’s how it went down…
I made the two chains in the lengths that the tutorial mentioned (300 and 160). Laid them out as suggested, and knotted them up.



I loved this color yarn, thinking it would stand out pretty well with my naturally almost black hair.

Glued some yellow ribbon around the ends, and put a thinner ribbon as the piece that holds it together. The headband from the original tutorial did this part much better, but I wasn’t looking at the tutorial when I did this step, whoopsie! I still like how it turned out- and it fit my head perfectly.


Don’t mind how terrible I look, I took these pics late at night after a looooong day! But, for the sake of blogging, I will post awful pics of myself! lol
I like how the original’s was thicker and maybe a heavier yarn, but I love this color and can’t wait to try it in a few more colors. Practice makes perfect!
Thanks for reading, until next time- Happy Blogging!



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