Finally- A Hutch Re-do – Mrs. Bishop

I’m sorry, I have been a TERRIBLE blogger, and haven’t blogged for WEEKS!!! I have been super busy and enjoying this outdoor weather, and just couldn’t find the time to sit at my computer, and load all of my pics. Since it’s been storming today, and I’ve finished my cleaning, I decided to share one of my recent posts. My sis in law (who is very creative, but doesn’t have a blog of her own) and I decided to re-do an old hutch that she had in her dining room area. I don’t have a really good before pic because I was so excited about actually doing the project that I forgot until after we’d taken the doors off. But, here she is:
 A little rough for sure, they have four kids, and this thing has been passed down a couple of families.
After a lot of sanding, we pit 2 coats of primer on her.


And then 2 coats of a satin black paint.






Added some new hardware- and she’s looking much better.








Then I left and had to take the remaining pics like a week later, it’s back in their dining room and already has a bunch of fingerprints from their 4 boys, but still, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT.








It’s crazy what a couple of coats of paint can do! Soon, they’re wanting to paint their old cabinets black too, because they plan on remodeling their kitchen in the next year or two. So there may be a post about that in the future.
What do you think?! I LOVE it. I wanna find something at my house to paint!~



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