the tiniest heartbeat! – Mrs. Bishop

I am in love! We got to hear our baby’s heartbeat today! We are measuring at 5 weeks, 5 days- and it’s heartbeat was 115bpm. The Dr. said we were lucky to hear it since we were so early. She said if our appt. had been earlier in the day we may not have even heard it. It was the most amazing thing ever!
I was so nervous, especially when she first started the ultrasound she made me get up and go to the bathroom because my bladder was full…I was like, “oh no, she doesn’t see anything!”. Then when she started again, she wasn’t sure at first, then she saw the faintest flicker. It was just the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, the tiny dot on the screen. I never got to see that with our first baby. I started to tear up, and so did the hubby. He had never heard or seen an ultrasound before, so it was really neat to watch him as he got to see his baby for the first time.
We feel SO blessed, and are So thankful for all of the prayers that we have been receiving. We just ask that everyone keeps praying, we really want to have a healthy baby. We can’t contain our excitement, and we can’t thank God enough.
We go back July 5th for another appointment, and I cannot wait to see how everything is growing.
And before I forget, they set our due date at February 15th. It just so happens that I have a nephew who was born on the 13th and 2 nephews (from 2 different brothers) whose bday’s are on Valentine’s day. So it looks like from here on out we’re gonna be broke in the month of February. But, I can’t wait!!!

Here’s what Baby B looks like today:
first ultrasound2
Yah, it’s that tiny dot to the left! 

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