Monster Party Hats – Mrs. Bishop

As I’ve been working on a couple of projects for Baby B’s monster party tomorrow, I thought I’d share one of them with you…his Monster Party Hats.



I got the idea on Pinterest. 

The original pin was from Repeat Crafter Me. She has a full list of instructions, and hers turned out better than mine, but alas…they’re still cute!
Basically, I deconstructed one of the hats that I bought from the $ Tree (8 for $1…can’t really beat that!) and traced it on construction paper. Then I used that piece and cut out 7 other colors.


 Then I just hot glued the paper onto the hats.


Then I took some “googley eyes” I picked up at Wal-Mart and some puff balls from the $ Tree and glued away…


100 2712


For the actual eyes, I just traced something circular, and then made a ton of similar circles and cut them out by hand…this is when I was wishing I had a silhouette so that they would have been more uniform. But, sadly, I don’t.
I also cut the mouths out by hand, trying to make sure they were all somewhat different.


I definitely don’t think they were as cute as the original, but I am happy with the result. And the kids that will be wearing them are all 8 and under, so I don’t think they’ll mind!


And Baby B was cracking up at them, and that’s all that really matters! Until next time!!!


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