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Sticking with my healthier/easier/breakfast routine- I’d like to share my recipe for freezer breakfast sandwiches. I like to send the hubby out the door with breakfast, and this way if the toddler is still sleeping, I can be too- and still feel like I am making hubby breakfast. Win-win! I usually make him freezer burritos (I’ll share that recipe soon). But, he requested breakfast sandwiches instead. For our recipe I made bacon, egg, and cheese english muffins. Here’s how I did it:

Cook your bacon. You can fry it, bake it, whatever. I baked it for about 20 mins on 375, and that seemed to be about perfect. I used turkey bacon this time, because- hey, it was on sale! And it’s slightly better for you..I guess.

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After baking, drain on some paper towels for maximum crispiness!

Then, to make my eggs equal in size, and get all of the cooking done at once, I baked those too! Since I only had one package of english muffins, I baked 6 eggs. I just cracked them in a greased muffin pan and salted and peppered them. If you have one of those pans that makes breakfast sandwich sized eggs, even better. But, I don’t. Just bake them until your preferred doneness. About 20 minutes or so- I wanted them hard so I did more like 30.

You can also get one of these pans to make this easier!

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Then, toast your english muffins. You can do this in the oven, or I just used my toaster while I was cooking everything else.

Next, build your sandwiches…

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I took a swiss cheese single and folded it diagonally. I put one triangle on the bottom, then the egg, bacon, and more cheese. Think of the cheese as the glue that holds it together once reheated.

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Looks yummy, right?

Then I just folded them up in paper towels before bagging them- so they can be put straight in the microwave. I knew hubby would eat these fairly quickly, so I didn’t worry too much about freezer burn. If you think yours might be in the freezer longer (or you make more than 6, which I plan on doing next time) put them in a sandwich baggie too.

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I just stuck them back in the english muffin baggie, but you could also use a freezer bag. Easy peasy! I asked my hubby how he liked them and he said they were awesome! He’s begging me to keep making these!

So much cheaper and quicker than going to McDonalds- and not to mention, healthier!

What are your favorite easy breakfast meals?

Check back next week for my freezer sausage, egg, and cheese burritos– they are my favorite!




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