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We’ve been on a slightly healthier kick lately, and I’ve been making up salads ahead of time so that I can eat them throughout the week. I started to get sick of the same ole same ole lettuce salads, and moved onto some other variations with quinoa or couscous. I made up this Greek Couscous Salad version a while back, and we LOVE it…my hubby eats just as much of it as I do, maybe more. So, I thought I’d share it with you guys, and maybe you can give me some tips on what would make it even better. Go head and share with me some of your favorite lunch salad recipes.

salad ingredients
I forgot to put the feta cheese in this pic. But get some of that too!

I bought some whole wheat couscous at Aldi, and I love it. Super easy and quick to cook, Start by cooking that up and setting it aside to cool.

Then go ahead and chop your veggies. I used cucumber (also really good with English cucumber, and then you don’t have to peel it first), about one large one should do the trick. Then I seeded some grape tomatoes so that they wouldn’t make the salad as mushy, but you could just cut them and half if you want more tomato flavor. I used about half a pint of the tomatoes. You could also add in some red onion, but I didn’t have any, and I’m funny about raw onions. But, if you’re into that kinda thing- go for it!

cucumber and tomato
Then, I rinsed a can of chickpeas really well and added them to the other veggies. I am having a love affair with chickpeas at the moment. They’re SO good in salads, and I am obsessed with hummus. I’ve been dipping everything in it, veggies, chips, pita, my fingers….but I digress…


chopped vegetables
Then I took a handful of kalamata olives and sliced them up. The amount you use is up to you. I generally don’t even like olives, but they give this recipe a little something that I would miss otherwise. I even went ahead and poured a splash of the olive juice in with the veggies to really incorporate that flavor throughout. I also added a little over half of a 4 oz container of feta cheese. This is plain feta, but I’ve also used some feta that had other spices in it and it was super delish too!
chopped veggies with feta
And then, I forgot to finish taking pictures, as I was too hungry to remember! Haha, sorry!
But, then you toss the veggies in with the couscous and make your sauce. Here’s where I get so un-technical that it will probably stress some of you out. I just add in a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, and mix it with some greek vinaigrette dressing. Stir it up, and add to the mixture until your desired consistency/creaminess/taste. See…super un-technical. Sorry!
I’ve also used just a balsamic vinaigrette and it was delicious too, I just lucked out and the store had some actual greek dressing this time and it was really good.
Here’s what your finished product will look like- I remembered to snap a few pics the next day when I was plating up my lunch.


plated salad
Looks good, right?!


finished greek couscous salad


Give it a try, and see how you like it. Let me know how you like it, and what you did to make it different. I love hearing how people change up my recipes, makes cooking more fun!
And doesn’t my adorable new table top look awesome in the background?! If you missed my table makeover- check it out: here.
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Greek Couscous Salad

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