The Busiest Season of Life – Mrs. Bishop

That title. I came up with it weeks ago. But I’ve been too darn busy to actually write this post!
Seriously, not even joking…not even a little.

Is this not the absolute busiest, in the trenches, rushing, busy, scattered season of your life? If it is, stick with me.

I have a now three year old (when did this happen?)
I am a stay at home mom. I blog. I craft. I am active in my church. I try to go to playgroups and mom’s groups and book club. My husband has 2 jobs now. With Baby B’s health issues, I’ve spent my fair share of time in doctor’s offices. I am busy- and I only have one child! (One and Done)

I love that the other Momma’s I get together with are right there with me. It’s more than a little funny that every time we all try to get together, only about half of us can make it. Sick kid. Hubby worked late. Other engagement. Valid excuses. Our other groups of friends, who don’t have kids, are just as busy. A few have several jobs and are still in school.

Insert conversation with one of my close friends from the other day:

Me: I miss your face
E: I miss you too! I wish I had more free time!!!
Me: I understand! LIFE! lol
E: Freakin’ Life!


Thankfully we all get it. And I love that. I am so thankful for friendships that, even though we may only get together 4 times a year, we start right where we left off. Sharing in conversation, worries, troubles, and triumphs.

I only began to really realize the importance of these friendships as I get older. Friends we can sit down and chat with, play a game with, laugh and cry with. Friends who are there when you really need them. Not the fair weather kind. We’ve all got those. But, friends who, even if we haven’t spoken in months, will come when needed.

I’ve been reading a lot of books that deal with our busy-ness and how to know when to say yes or no, or add another obligation to your plate. {See The Best Yes, Living Well Spending Less, The Fringe Hours and the upcoming For the Love}. And they’re so right. Pick and choose and try to fit in your most important tasks, and go from there. God-family-friends. And of course work, etc, etc.

Just try to remember that even though this is the busiest season, make time for fun. Make time to cultivate those friendships. To do that thing that you enjoy. This season is busy, but remember to slow down and enjoy it every once in awhile. I just posted about how quickly children grow- and how to stop and savor some moments. Even when you’re in the trenches, exhausted, and maxxed out.

Before we know it this busy season will pass, and we will wish it back. This is my new mantra- to enjoy these moments. To savor this time. Even when it seems endless. I remind myself every day. Every. Single. Day. As I am folding laundry, changing diapers, cooking and wiping up spills. Whispering to myself, “this will be over too quickly.”



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