You Know You’re a Good Mom… – Mrs. Bishop

You know you’re a good mom when, after battling an epic tantrum, you sneak into your closet and sob on the floor. Wondering if you’re doing anything right. Worrying if you should’ve handled the situation better. Questioning everything, your whole outlook on parenting. Which parenting style is the best? Do you deserve to be a mother when you yelled instead of used a calm voice? Gave into your child because you couldn’t take the screaming one more second?

In my opinion, the good Mom’s are the one’s that care the most. Question the most. Worry we’re screwing up our kids. Because a bad mom wouldn’t care at all.

When you feel like you’re doing everything wrong, take a look at your child. Are they happy? Healthy? Well fed?

It’s so easy to pile on the Mommy guilt, and look at other Mom’s and feel like they are perfect. But, talk to them. Get real. Ask. I bet they’re having just as hard a time as you. Being a parent is hard. It’s holy work. It can feel like a grind. It’s exhausting, and overwhelming at times. But, also wonderful. Amazing. Exciting.

Take a look into your child’s eyes. See the world with their sense of wonder. Take a little time to ask them things and really listen to their response.

I’ve had a really rough week in the parenting department. A defiant and independent threenager. Little sleep. Lots of tantrums. Overwhelming and exhausting. But, after a good night of sleep (finally!) things seem a little easier. This little fella of mine is teaching his Momma patience. Teaching me to slow down. Teaching me to enjoy the little things. I’m learning not to over schedule myself, to take the time to stop and play. Exactly what I needed to learn.

When your little one is testing you, remember, this will be over. This longest day will end. I’m not going to say you have to cherish each day, especially the hard ones. But, I promise, they’ll be over too soon.

Hang in there Good Mom. You’re doing your best. You are enough. You are the most amazing person in the world to your little one. Believe me. Even after this tantrum filled weekend, when I thought my child hated me- he woke up in the middle of the night and asked for Mommy. He just wanted a cuddle. They need you. They love you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Mom. You are awesome!


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