How a Low FODMAP Diet is Helping my Stomach- Mrs. Bishop

Sorry it has been all radio silence over here.

When your body starts failing you right about the time you’re selling your house, finding a new one, packing, and moving…everything else just falls by the wayside.

This is the first time I’ve even cracked open my laptop in weeks! I just had no words to write or encouragement to share. I was barely treading water.

But after invasive test after invasive test, and what seemed like an eternity of doctor’s scratching their heads (and a mountain of medical bills)- I finally have a diagnosis and a plan.

While it doesn’t really have a name, in the simplest of terms I can muster: my stomach basically never relaxes and digests more slowly than it should.

Lazy stomach.

But the good thing is, with the aid of a probiotic and eating smaller meals, I am feeling SO much better. The pain is virtually gone most days and I haven’t been nauseous in probably 2 weeks. SO THANK YOU all who prayed or sent me positive messages. Out of all of the things they were testing me for, I came out with the best possible news.

I’m healthy.

Now onto FODMAPS. I googled it and this was the answer:

one of a group of compounds thought to contribute to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and similar gastrointestinal disorders. The term is used mainly with reference to a diet that is low in these compounds (which are mainly carbohydrates).
“foods high in FODMAPs include barley, yogurt, apples, apricots, pears, and cauliflower”

I’ve been trying to limit FODMAPS in my diet to see if that has had a positive effect as well- and amazingly, it totally has! I’d already given up milk and most dairy since my gall bladder surgery, so that was no biggie. The hardest part has been cutting out gluten. Momma really likes her bread!

While I’ll probably not stick to this diet forever, I am loving the results so far. So bear with me when my newer recipes and meal plans are a little healthier. I’m hoping to come up with a few things to help out my fellow low FODMAPpers. Especially with going out to restaurants, which has been a chore.

And on a strange, positive note- because I have to eat less food at a time (no more buffets for me) I’m down like 13lbs that I couldn’t get off before. My doctor even said, in the long run, because of this weird condition I have, I will weigh less and thus be healthier.

Everything over the last few weeks has just been coming together so well. Instead of it all falling apart, like I thought it was, it was falling into place.

So now we’re ready to move and start the new chapter of our lives. I cannot wait to see where the next adventure takes us!

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