Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- That Won’t Break the Bank – Mrs. Bishop

If you’re like my hubby, you forgot this weekend was Mother’s Day. He surprised me with an amazing gift this week (a new Kindle Fire) and then when I told him that there was a holiday this weekend, he was a little bummed he didn’t save it for my gift. I usually get jewelry (hint hint), but now Hubby is digging me a new flower bed. So I told him that the flower bed, along with the flowers, could be my gift. We’re also on a money saving kick, so I didn’t want him to have to spend as much as he usually does- no need to go crazy. I decided to compile a list of other ideas you last minute shoppers can get for your wives….

Do something that your wife has been asking you to do for awhile. Whether it is a DIY project, something around the house, or running an errand she’s asked you to do. Gestures like that go a long way. Also, let her sleep in while you do said project. Momma needs her sleep!

  • Make her a nice meal, one that takes an effort. DO NOT GO OUT TO EAT ON MOTHER’S DAY! The waits are forever!


  • Take her and the kiddos on a picnic. Pour her a glass of wine and let her relax.


  • Write her a letter. Tell her what makes her an amazing mother. Especially if her Love Language is words of affirmation. Tell her how amazing she is, and if your kiddos are old enough, ask them what they love most about her and include their responses.


  • Help the kids make a Mother’s Day craft. Clean up after it. Momma’s are *usually* the ones crafting and cleaning up with the little’s, so it’s nice to get a craft, without having to do the clean-up.


  • And it may seem silly, but a gift card to her favorite store. Tell her she has to buy something for her. Mom’s tend to feel bad spending money on themselves, so this is a guilt free way for us to get something nice.

Show this list to your hubby’s, ladies. Lay down some hints. Some men are not good at guessing what to get for you. Remind them, that though you may not be their mother, you are the mother of their children…so you deserve a gift too.

What are some other ideas you would like your hubby’s to get you, that don’t cost an arm and a leg? I would love to hear some more suggestions.


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