Making Mom Friends in a Small Town – Mrs. Bishop

I grew up in a big town. And when I got married, I moved to a small town about 30+ minutes away. Not too far, but far enough not to visit every day. We don’t have a lot of stuff going on in the town where I live, so I usually have to make the drive to do fun activities with my other friends with kids. I decided early on, I needed to make some friends who were close by that I could get together with more often.

We once talked at my Mom’s group about how making other Mom friends is kind of like dating all over again.

“Hey, I like the way you discipline your kids, wanna have lunch?”
“That’s a super cute diaper bag, wanna go shopping sometime?”
“I see your children like veggies- will you teach mine?”

Awkward. But sooooo true.

So, here’s my tips on making Mom friends without feeling weird about it.

Join a church. Help out in the nursery. You can bond with other Mom’s over the terrible 2’s and hold cute babies. Set up a playdate, and drink coffee while your kiddos play together.

Check to see if your town has a MOPS group. Even my tiny town has one at a local church. Another good way to connect with other Mom’s in your same stage of life.

Search for/create a Facebook group for Mom’s in your town. Add one, and then have them add some friends. Pretty soon it will grow to be pretty big- and you can set up playdates through there. Library trips, park trips, shopping trips, etc.

Hang out at the park. Bond with other Mom’s who look exhausted chasing their kiddos around. They will be there.

Join a gym. Take a class. Get out of your comfort zone.

There are lots of lonely Momma’s out there who would love to make a new Mommy friend.

Try to be an encouragement to a Mom that looks like she needs it. Be transparent and share your struggles and triumphs. Being real will help her to open up. Your new BFF could be out there- go and find her!

Do you have any ideas on how to make Mom friends? I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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