I Long for the Simple Life – Mrs. Bishop

As spring slowly approaches, I long for simplicity.

In this technologically advanced world filled with everything I could ever imagine, I long for quiet.

I daydream of days spent wrapped up in a warm blanket, reading a good book. No to do list. No logging into social media, having my phone attached to my hand.

I sometimes wish I could pack up my belongings and move out into the country somewhere. Raise some chickens. Maybe a goat. Make my own bread. Spend hours chasing butterflies and fireflies with my son.

My childhood differed so much from the one that awaits my little boy. I spent most of my time outside. I didn’t have 1000 t.v. shows to choose from, a tablet full of games to play, or a million different toys spread all over the house. I was content with a few playthings and my imagination.

As I sit here and watch my toddler assemble a puzzle, in the quiet as I write, I dream of lazy days for him. Long days spent outdoors with a little dog nipping at his heels.

I just dream of a simpler time for him. Before he heads off to school and is thrust into the world of technology. Before he is impressed upon all of the ideals of the outside world. I want to keep him here, at this age forever.

I know the world will keep advancing, and he will will keep growing. And time will press on.But, for now, I’ll sit here and sip my coffee and drink in this quiet moment. And time will stand still, if only for a moment.

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