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I know I’ve shared a lot with you about one of my favorite products lately. But, before I’m done, I have to talk about their hair and body products.

I know most people don’t think about hair products when it comes to sensitive skin- but I do! There was a time when my hands were so broken out that I had to wear gloves when I washed my hair, because my shampoo irritated my skin. Let me tell you…it is hard to get your hair clean with gloves on! And then I began to think…maybe I shouldn’t be putting something anywhere on my body if it is irritating my skin at all.

Now, I don’t have to worry about it- thanks to Free and Clear Shampoo.



And Free and Clear Conditioner.



It’s unscented and doesn’t irritate my skin at all! At first, it seemed weird using something with no smell, but my hair felt SO clean. It is a really good shampoo, so I recommend using it every other day so that it doesn’t get rid of all your oils, but bonus, that makes it last longer.

It was amazing not having my hands itch after shampooing and conditioning my hair. And my hair was soft after it dried, just like with my old scented shampoos.

They also have Free & Clear Gel.


I only got to try it once, because my husband stole it from me- but it worked great! A light hold, that held my hair in place, and didn’t irritate my hands. Usually after using gel I have to scrub it off my hands, quickly. My husband loves it, because he works outside a lot and doesn’t like scented gel because it draws bugs. He said this has the perfect amount of hold for his hair, and it doesn’t bother his sensitive skin either (we’re a family of sensies!)

They also have hairspray- which is a huge deal for me. Usually when I curl my hair I have a major breakout on my hands the next day, because I am constantly touching my hair, which is covered in hair spray. This stuff completely solves that problem.

Free & Clear Soft Hold Hairspray


I use the soft hold as a working spray or a thermal protectant while styling. And then afterwards I use this-

Free & Clear Firm Hold


It has a firm hold, and sets my style in place. No irritated skin on my hands, and my eyes don’t get itchy like they do when I use traditional hairsprays.

I also tried their Gentle Facial Cleanser:


This is by far the best Gentle Facial Cleanser I’ve tried! I’ve always been a big Cetaphil fan- which is great at gently cleansing my skin, but my face never feels totally clean after. Especially when I have a face full of makeup. Vanicream’s cleanser was gentle, but made my face feel super clean.

For traveling, or if you just like bar soap try their Cleansing Bar:


I took it on vacation with us, and have one next to my sink to use for washing my hands.

They also have a great Liquid Cleanser that you can use as a body wash. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I’ll definitely picking some up!


So if you’re like me and have really sensitive skin- consider switching up your shower routine. By changing your hair care products, you can do your skin a huge favor.

This is what my face washing routine looks like now!

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