Conversations With My Toddler



Today I sat across the table from my toddler, and really talked to him.

We had a conversation.

I had been gone all day, and he stayed home with his Daddy.

He had all sorts of adventures to share with me. Games he and Daddy played. The IU game they had watched. The books they had read. The legos they had built.

As he was describing to me the events of his day, with such excitement and animation in his voice, I realized how little we did this- had actual conversation.

With a toddler, I feel like we spend most of our time talking in passing:

“Don’t eat that.”

“Pick up your toys.”

“Wash your hands.”

“No, yes, okay…”

And on and on.

I didn’t realize how sporadic our deep conversations can become. With the busy-ness of day to day life. The lists, the chores, and mundane tasks. We sometimes forget to share with our children. To listen to their little voices describing the events of their day. To hear their views and thoughts on everything. But, when we take the time to do it- the absolute delight in their voices. It is beyond precious.

I’m going to try to take some time every day. If only for a few moments, to relish the conversations with my toddler. To ask him how he feels about things. Ask him what he’s been up to. To not take for granted my time with him. Time is passing quicker and quicker, and before I know it he’ll be off to school, and he won’t want to share with me all the events of his day.

So, baby boy, I’m holding on to these sweet conversations. The hilarious responses you come up with. The deep belly laughs and whispered giggles. Before your voice changes and you’re too busy for mommy.

Slow down time.

What are your favorite conversations to have with your littles? Or hilarious things that they’ve told you?


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