Dry Winter Skin


The weather is changing and the air is crisp. In my neck of the woods, there’s a 60% chance of snow this weekend. The heat inside is drying, and my cheeks are nice and red thanks to an endless wind. This time of year wreaks havoc on everyone’s skin, but especially on those of us with super sensitive skin. I’d like to share with you a couple of products to help you combat this dry winter skin.

Oil. Not something I would normally think of using to cleanse my skin. But, after researching the benefits of using cleansing oils, my curiosity was piqued. Enter Laventine. They have a line of facial cleansing oils that:

-contain organic ingredients

-dissolve dirt and makeup

-rinse clean with water

-have no chemical detergents

-contain no synthetic fragrances

-are designed for all skin types



Their Olive Forte Facial Cleanser is a great alternative to traditional cleansers for your sensitive skin. Since it’s an oil, it removes your makeup without having to use a makeup remover. You put it on, scrub it around, then rinse with water. At first, I was skeptical- but was really impressed with the results. My rag was covered in my makeup with just one pass over my face- even more so than when I use actual soap on my face. The smell is pleasant, but not irritating. My skin was left feeling smooth and nourished. And I felt as if I didn’t have to even use a moisturizer. I’m a big fan of using this cleanser before bed. And even though it’s an oil- my skin isn’t left feeling greasy at all. Give it a try of you’re looking for an all purpose moisturizing cleanser.

Check out their site- they also have Toner, Hair, and Body Products.


And since this season can be extra drying- don’t forget to moisturize, especially before heading outside. My new favorite product for fighting dry winter skin, is this Vegan Natural Skincare Oil from ANI Skincare Naturals.


This product is great for both skin and hair, and even has sunscreen in it. It’s also:


-Gluten Free

-Free of Parabens

-Cruelty Free

-Rich in Vitamins

I use this after washing my face in the morning, and it makes me skin feel amazing all day. Because it’s free of all the bad stuff, and full of all natural goodness, I can also feel good about what I’m putting on my skin. It’s super hydrating, but not overly greasy. It’s a great base to put on before your makeup, because moisturized skin holds on to cosmetics better. It has helped with the dry patches on my face, and is perfect for prepping your skin for blustery days.

ANI Skincare Naturals also make products for Baby, Massage, and Hair. What products would you like to try?


Having sensitive skin is hard, but there are lots of great products out there to help. I’m learning so much about skincare, and I had no idea how useful oils could be in aiding our skin. Before, I would’ve stayed far away from oils, thinking they would make me look greasy- but by cleansing, were are removing oils, and therefore need to replace them. So, combat that dry winter skin with these great Oil based products- here’s to hydrated skin this winter!


What are your favorite Winter Skin products?


*I received these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are my own*

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